7 Easy Wakeboarding Tricks To Master

Learning new and easy wakeboarding tricks is more or less like progression in life.

Humans are evolving creatures; we never stay static, and there is always a need to do more and improve our living standards. This need for constant growth often transcends to an enthusiast's love for wakeboarding.

Having spent some time learning the basics of wakeboarding, you have left the beginners' modalities to enjoy the water and air's thrill just like the pros. 

However, the feeling of watching professionals flip in the air while wakeboarding or the spins they pull off leaves you in awe and, now, you want to try them too. 

Of course, those kinds of tricks are a bit difficult to learn. But then, there are more straightforward tricks that can give you the same joy and thrill you get from watching the pros. This article will discuss seven easy wakeboarding tricks that will guarantee the activity as your favorite watersport.

Before delving fully in, though, it is essential to note that your balance on the board means everything; it can either make or mar your surfing experience.

Hence, it is best to adopt a comfortable string stance to enjoy the ride.

Here Are 7 Tricks You Might Want To Try

Easy Tricks For Beginners

The Ollie

This is an excellent start for beginners to transition into wakeboarding tricks. It is the basis for different high-flying maneuvers on water. If you can master this, the chances are that you can do other complicated tricks that involve the air with constant practice. 

The Ollie entails you bending your knees and shifting your weight to the back leg. Then, you pull your front leg and push your back foot simultaneously as you approach a buoy. To soften the landing, make sure you bend your knees.

The Scarecrow

If you have gotten familiar with the toe-side approach, this will be comfortable for you. Others might find it a bit difficult, but you can edge nicely.

Proper handling can help you adopt this trick like a pro. You have to hold the handle tightly to your hip and chest up; there is the imagery of you being tall. Turn your head first to the boat, then over to your front shoulder for the trick.

These movements will allow the rotation to happen for the rousing applause of your friends at your next getaway. Remember to keep the handle tightly to your body at all times.

Surface 180

The surface spin is an easy trick for beginners to learn as all they need is to keep their elbows locked into their first and turning their body by rotating the hip, all the while bending the knees.

Wake Jump

For many, it is the height they get while wakeboarding that fascinates them. Arguably, it is why they got into the sport in the first place.

Now you are approaching the wake, what you should do to get the pop you desire is to cut and pull away from the trail far enough that you feel your wakeboard is drifting away. 

Just when the boat starts calling you back in, bend your knees and pull the rope towards your front hip. Always remember to stand up as you leave the wake. You get better height this way.

The Tail Grab

Some enthusiastic wakeboarders get so excited that they grab the board before getting up into the air.

In a twinkle of an eye, they might be buried by the water due to low techniques. But for you to attempt and succeed at the tail grab, you have to go for the Ollie. After getting up in the air, bring the board to you by bending your knees and not your waits.

Right before you land, release the board with your knees still intact to cushion the landing.

Crossing The Wake

For this trick, you will need to turn your shoulders and chest to move towards the boat. Move the handle gently from the outside of your hip to the inside.

At this point, you a re-transferring weight to your heels while you keep your knees bent. Enjoy the surface of the water as you allow your board glee effortlessly on it. Keep your arms straight and the rope close to the hip, and boom, you will cross the wake. 

Once you have mastered traveling the trail, you will be able to switch sides. Follow the same instructions for this. Push your knees forward and turn your shoulders in the direction you want to go.

Fashion Air

As the name implies, there is a bit of style attached to this trick. Now that you know how to get enough air, this trick will be a bit easier to learn.

What you want to do is to curl the board behind you while keeping your toes pointing down. While in the air, the rider has the luxury of doing whatever style comes to mind and enjoy the breeze. Riders find optimum freedom and satisfaction with this trick.

Imagine the rapturous applause when your friends see you throwing the peace sign as you float in the air.


The great thing about these tricks is that learning one makes the others more comfortable to learn. Once you can elevate yourself properly, understanding and practicing the more difficult ones will be better.

The higher and more fanciful the tricks are, the more point you score with your friends and everyone else watching you.

More importantly, you need to go at a steady pace and make sure you are leveraging on the boat's pull power. Many people try to jump on their own accord but end up a big failure.

Also, know your limit. As much as it is enjoyable to gain a lot of air while wakeboarding. It is also essential that you tell the boat driver what you can and cannot handle.

Take it slow, ride the pace, and master these tricks on a particular speed before you take it to the next level. Everything in life is in stages and there is barely a way you can jump levels. The same principles apply to wakeboarding tricks. So, be patient; you will be a pro soon.

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