8 Best Beginner Wakeboards (2023)

Wakeboarding is a very intense sport. This is why, as a newbie in the sport, you will need the best beginner wakeboard.

Truthfully, wakeboarding can be a bit difficult for beginners. However, if you have the right beginner wakeboard and are doing it the right way, you will find out that it is not as difficult as you thought it to be.

For a beginner, choosing the right wakeboard is crucial to learning and getting better at this sport.

We know that doing this might be a bit tricky, and that is why we have done all the work to find the best wakeboard for beginners.

If you want to have a blast at the water and you are wondering about what wakeboard to use, keep reading.

8 Best Beginner Wakeboards (2023)


Skill Level



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1. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

Editor's Choice


134 - 139 cm


2. Liquid Force Trip



139 cm


3. Ronix Vault Big Kids

For Kids


128 cm


4. Hyperlite Eden 2.0

For Women


135 cm


5. Hyperlite State 2.0


125 - 140 cm


6. Hyperlite Divine


119 - 134 cm


7. Hyperlite Motive


134 cm


8. Connelly Pure


141 cm


1. Ronix Vault Beginner Wakeboard

Best Beginner Wakeboard (Editor's Choice)

The Ronix Vault wakeboard is constructed to allow new wakeboarders to ride and enjoy the sport. Its style helps you learn how to gain control and become a better wakeboarder in no time.

It is known to be super friendly and can accommodate wakeboarders of different skills. That is why it has earned the top spot in this article.


This beginner wakeboard is designed with an asymmetrical rail line that makes the user ride the water with ease.

You can find them in numerous beautiful designs and color patterns.

It has a 3-stage rocker design. These are three separate planes at the bottom of the board that make the user ride higher on the water. You can also find two glass fins at the base of the Ronix wakeboard to make riding easier for new wakeboarders.


Ronix Vault is an excellent option for beginners for many reasons. With a low friction base, you can glide through the water at speed.

This high-performance wakeboard also has four stored energy, which gives the rider a quick lift and starts the ride with an added thrill.

  • Beginners and professional wakeboarders can use it
  • Different designs and colors to choose from
  • Asymmetrical design makes carving easier
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can hold on to shallow depths
  • We didn't find any

2. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Runner Up

The Liquid Force wakeboard has been made specially for wakeboarding beginners. It can help transform you from a newbie to an expert in no time.

Liquid Force produces wakeboards in different designs and specifications and has made this to suit new wakeboarders' needs.

If you are looking for a beginner friendly wakeboard, you should consider trying this high-quality option.


This beginner wakeboard is designed with a diamond bat-tail shape that can help you cut across the water with ease. There is also the inclusion of the DISK HULL, which softens your landing on the water, making you ride like a pro even if it is just your first day.

It comes in the perfect size that fits all kinds of users. You also get an array of colors and designs to pick from.


Liquid Force Trip comes with double side fins and a removable center fin that makes it stable enough even for first-time wakeboarders.

It also has a variable edge rail giving the board a different sharpness in the middle than the tip and the bottom. This allows the user to have a higher grip on the board while on water.

  • An excellent choice for new wakeboarders
  • Offers more grip and stability
  • Removable fin to change the feel of the ride
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Gives a smooth landing
  • Some people might consider it heavy

3. Ronix Vault Kids' Wakeboard

For Kids

Ronix Vault is on this list again because of their ability to make high-quality wakeboarders for adults and kids. This variant of their beginner wakeboard is more suitable for bigger kids and teenagers.

Your kids will have a great time riding on this wakeboard, and you would not have to worry about their safety because extra care has been taken to make this board comfortable and secure for young ones.


This wakeboard comes in different colorful designs that make it attractive to kids. It has a thin and sharp toe side rail and a fuller vertical heel side rail to give them extra balance.

Its soft fiberglass laminate loosens the board and makes it appropriate for lightweight riders like kids and teenagers.


With a three-stage rocker, expect an explosive pop, giving the rider an immediate explosion off the wake.

The addition of two molded-in fins and two removable fins gives more balance and changes the ride's feel.

  • Suitable for kids
  • Has removable fins
  • Exciting colors and designs for kids
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Durable
  • Might be difficult to unscrew and screw in fins

4. Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Beginner Wakeboard

For Women

Most women are lighter than men and have more weight than children. That is why it is essential that as a beginner, you get a wakeboarder that fits your weight and capability.

Hyperlite Eden 2.0 caters to the needs of most female wakeboarders. It is one of the best options to go for when searching for the perfect wakeboard as a beginner.


Apart from its bright and attractive designs, this wakeboard is designed to fit female wakeboarders' needs. With the satin flex, a female rider gets a softer ride that meets her standards.

It also has a shorter toe-side edge that makes it an excellent option to progress from a novice to an expert wake border.


Two thin molded-in fins are added to this board to give the rider soft landing and have a nice feel when on the board.

With layered glass technology, this board is expected to be durable and last the owner for a more extended period.

  • A great training board
  • Beautiful designs and colors
  • Molded-in fins
  • Very durable
  • Gives a soft ride
  • Some riders prefer wider boards

5. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard for Beginners

Hyperlite doesn’t only produce great wakeboards for female beginners, but everyone, causing them to make a second appearance in this article.

If you are looking for a high quality beginner wakeboard, this Hyperlite State 2.0 is a great option to consider. It makes wakeboarding an easy and fun sport.


This wakeboard is designed to be compatible with new and old wakeboarders. Its asymmetrical shape makes movements easier while on the board.

It is a lightweight board, making it easy to cut through the water and delivering a smooth and seamless ride to the user.


Hyperlite State 2.0 comes with two molded-in fins and one additional fin that can be screwed to the board's center. This will change the ride's feel from time to time and deliver smooth rides to the rider.

The inclusion of the Biolite 3 core makes this board extremely durable and long-lasting for the owner.

  • Easy to make turns and sharp cuts on the water
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers smooth and comfortable ride
  • Available in multiple designs
  • Attaching and detaching additional fin can be difficult for some people

6. Hyperlite Divine Big Girls Wakeboard

Hyperlite has taken the time to create wakeboards suitable for different types of people and other needs. Hence, we see the third appearance of this brand with this Divine Wakeboard.

With this wakeboard, nobody can stop a girl’s progression. Watch yourself move from amateur to professional in a short while.


As a wakeboard for females, it is made attractive and practical for the users.

The inclusion of a softer glass layup gives a softer flex for the female rider. It also comes with a V bottom tunnel that offers a smooth and rich ride.

With this board,  the user can perform easy landing tricks.


This is a high performing wakeboard explicitly built to suit the female rider’s needs. It has a   monochrome construction that joins the top and bottom glass together, making the board strong enough to handle side impacts.

With molded-in fins, you are assured of a soft and enjoyable ride.

  • Can be used to perform landing tricks
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Molded-in fins
  • Easy to use
  • Some people prefer wider boards

7. Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard

Seeing Hyperlite mentioned the fourth time should let you know that they produce some of the best wakeboards on the market.

This Motive wakeboard is a go-to for skateboarders of different skills and levels.


The board is designed with a continuous rocker, which will make the beginner learn at a consistent speed.

It also comes in various beautiful designs and color options.

The forgiving six-degree edge will make you enjoy awesome rides on this wakeboard while cutting through the water surface.


This wakeboard is brilliant for beginners because it has a V bottom tunnel that is great for a smooth, mellow ride and can help you get good landing tricks.

The inclusion of layered glass and monochrome construction makes this wakeboard very durable, which is great because one can use it as a beginner until they become an expert.

  • A great training board
  • Durable
  • Available in different attractive designs
  • Delivers smooth ride
  • Continuous rocker design
  • Might run a little thin

8. Connelly Pure Beginner Wakeboard

This Connelly Pure wakeboard is outstanding for new wakeboarders to test waters until they become experts. It has several added capabilities to make it perfect for beginners.

Learning how to wakeboard will be made easier with the Connelly Pure wakeboard as your training tool.


This wakeboard has been made in beautiful designs and patterns. Apart from that, it is also efficient for new wakeboarders.

It comes with a subtle 3 stage rocker that makes your ride smooth and predictable. You would not get any unpleasant surprises, and this builds your confidence on the water.


It has four molded-in fins and two plastic detachable fins. This does not only change the feel of the ride at intervals but makes it smooth and enjoyable for a beginner.

The smooth spine hull will guarantee you definite landing. Also, it has a strong laminated Nexus shell, making it lightweight and very durable.

  • 3 stage rocker for a smooth ride
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • It is lightweight
  • Comes in several design patterns
  • It builds users confidence
  • Detaching and attaching extra fins might be difficult

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Beginner Wakeboard

Beginner Wakeboard Specifications

Wakeboard Length

Wakeboards are made in different lengths. When looking for a wakeboard as a beginner, the wakeboard you choose should depend on your weight and how you prefer to ride.

Every wakeboard company has their size chart and recommendations for the best options to go for. You can go through it to enable you to make the right choice.

Beginners are advised to go for longer wakeboards and longer wakeboard ropes because it guarantees them better stability and control of the board while on the water.  It also gives soft landings and moves quickly on the water.

Your Ability Level

Another thing to focus on is how good you are as a wakeboarder. Expert riders usually do not like to use beginner wakeboards because it constrains them. However, beginners should not be afraid to hop on a challenging board and ride.

You should study the different kinds of wakeboards and who they are best for before purchasing.

If you are a recreational wakeboarder, or you are just trying to catch some air and haven’t learned how to perform tricks on the wakeboards, the bigger and very balanced wakeboards are an excellent option for you.

What you need a wakeboard for and how good you are at wakeboarding should influence your decision on the best type of board to buy. Also, beginner wakeboarders should use bindings with a soft flex.

Wakeboard Roker

There are three types of wakeboard rockers, and knowing their capabilities can help you make the right choice.

  • Continuous Rocker: this Rocker comes in a smooth curved shape. It makes riding fast and smooth. It is excellent for making daring curves, especially on flat waters, and it gives you a consistent speed and a great pop.
  • 3 Stage Rocker Wakeboards: this type has three different planes under the board, giving your wakeboard a slippery and gliding feeling when on the water. It plows through the water rather than cuts, so it is a bit slow. Because of its flatter center spot, the landings are more powerful but gives you a minor slothful feeling after landing.
  • Hybrid Rocker Wakeboards: this type is made when brands combine the continuous and 3 stage wakeboards. Every brand has different variations and combinations and can give you a different feel.

Wakeboard Edges

The edges of your wakeboard should also be put into consideration before buying a wakeboard. Some things you should watch out for includes

  • Sharpness: when you have a sharp edge, your wakeboard will be very fast. If you are looking for speed, you should go for a sharper edge, and if you enjoy riding slowly and performing tricks on the water, then a rounder edge board will be a better option.
  • Variable Edge Boards: this type will give you a touch of both the sharp and round edge board. The variable edge boards have different sharpness at the front and back of the wakeboard.  This outline makes it fast and great at carving.

Final Words

When looking for the best beginner wakeboard, all the options above are great choices.

For us, the best option is Ronix Vault. This is a great choice to help you progress from a novice to a professional in no time.

Its three-stage rocker design gives the rider enough stability and sufficient speed to learn and master the sport of wakeboarding.

It also comes with two fixed fins that grip the water and make the ride smooth and comfortable for a new wakeboarder.

If you are ready to begin wakeboarding, just choose from the above options and start your wakeboarding journey.