9 Best Wake Foils (2021)

Wake foiling is quite a new but exciting sport that is beginning to gain popularity in the world. It provides the best experiences on the water for enthusiasts, especially if you use the right wake foil.

However, to get the best wake foil might not be entirely easy because of the newness of the sport. There is limited information about it, and getting to know the best option for you might be difficult.

Wake foiling is one of the most recent and best innovations in the boating industry. It is a new method of flying a board in any kind of water condition.

This is because of its foil. The foil is an integral part of the gear that has wings similar to that of an airplane. At the same time, the mast acts like the control gear, enabling you to be in control of your board, irrespective of your body size.

The sensation is smooth and exciting. It makes you feel like you are floating through the clouds.

9 Best Wake Foils (2021)


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1. Phase Five Gadget

Editor's Choice




2. Phase Five Chip

High Performance




3. Liquid Force SS

Budget Friendly




4. Liquid Force Performance




5. Liquid Force Pod




6. Liquid Force Launch




7. Liquid Force Nebula




8. Liquid Force Horizon




9. Liquid Force Impulse




1. Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package

Best Wake Foil (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best wake foil is the Phase Five Gadget. This foil is a great choice, because it offers the challenge that advanced to expert level foilers want, but it is stable enough to still allow first time foilers to try it without finding themselves face-first in the water.


The design of the Phase Five Gadget includes the larger 760 Front Wing with neoprene covers. It will increase the overall lift and side-to-side stability of the foil, making it work for anyone who would like to try.

The foil has been made with V.R.T Technology and uses an epoxy resin to prolong the life of the foil.


The foil comes with a foil track mount system that will allow the more experienced foiler to mount any foil on it while still allowing them to micro adjust the foil to meet their specific needs.

The foil also comes with twin surf fins to allow for more movement and a 24 inch mast. The foil also has a medium level of board stability, but it has a high response, allowing you to surf even the smallest wakes.

  • Stable enough for all levels
  • Foil Track Mount System
  • Texture Finish
  • Foil Pad with Traction
  • Two Fins
  • We didn’t find any

2. Phase Five Chip Wake Foil


The Phase Five Chip Wake foil is known for its high-quality cutting edge gadgets. It is the future of wake foiling. Its lift is easy to maneuver. They are also popular for their long noses.

It is designed so that you are guaranteed its high performance, and it is a fantastic choice for wake foilers of various categories.


Its carbon inlays help to enhance the performance of the wake foil board. It is designed in such a way that you are assured of its durability.

Also, its refined vacuum-assisted hand lamination process with in-built glass provides extra strength.


Phase Five foot straps give you stability while wake foiling. Its compartmentalized carry case is suitable for any wake foiler. Its long mast is also guaranteed to provide you with an exciting experience. 

Phase Five Chip has a front wing that causes an increase in total lift and stability.

  • It is durable
  • Easy to use
  • Best for rough wake foiling
  • Anti-Roll Barlock
  • Diamond Stitch Embroidery Grip
  • It is not stable for beginners

3. Liquid Force Wake Foil SS

Budget Friendly

This unique wake foil has been nicknamed the king of water sports. It makes you feel like you are flying on the water. It has a lot of additions and features that will give you a great time while wake foiling.

Below is some more information about its design and features.


This wake foil was designed expressively to make wake foiling easier. It comes with a carbon SS wing set that allows for easy carving and gliding when you are on the water. It also comes along with foil tracks to make it very easy to position the wings properly.


It has been fitted with a 24 inch mast that allows for easy foiling. This wake foil is also known to be very lightweight. 

It is equipped with stiff internal braces to enable surf even on challenging waters. This makes it very hard and durable. There is also the inclusion of dec inserts so that foot straps can be used for more stability when foiling.

The wings are made in a hydrodynamic shape that makes it easy to move on the water without lagging or drag.

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Easy to use
  • Fast surfing without drag 
  • Foot straps can be used
  • Some people require a higher mast

4. Liquid Force Performance Wake Foil

Liquid Force gives you the fastest and easy to maneuver wake foil in the market. Once you have mastered the basics and are looking for a great wake foil to match your skills, you should consider the high performance and high-quality wake foil from the Liquid Force.


Care has been taken to design this great wake foiling equipment. Performance Foil has many similarities to a wakeboard because of its large planning source and lean management. It makes it easy to start surfing and gives you a better-quality ride.


This new foil set offers you padded wings to avoid easy wear and tear. It also ensures that you enjoy using your equipment for a more extended period.

You get up to 27 inches mast to set your wake foil high enough above water to reduce the amount of water that gets on the foil and better your foiling experience.

There's also a transition plate that helps you get a smooth and comfortable ride that feels like you are gliding through the water.

It is made with titanium coated stainless steel to ensure durability.

  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Padded wings reduce wear and tear
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great for expert wake foilers
  • Gives high-quality ride
  • Not suitable for new wake foilers

5. Liquid Force Pod Wake Foil Set

Like all Liquid Force wake foils, you should expect a high-quality wake foil that can change your foiling experience for the better. This is an updated version of other foils to take your wake foiling experience to the next level.


Pod Foil has the folder 125 wings to make sure you receive an amplified ride. This wake foil allows you to carve and achieve cutting edge turns while on the wake. It also has a 27 inches performance mast to ensure that you enjoy your ride in style and speed. 

It makes wake foiling feel like riding on a magic carpet.


This kit is made from titanium coated stainless steel that ensures that you still get a long-lasting, durable wake foil, no matter how long it stays on the water.

This is a big game. However, it comes with padded songs and a transition plate to help you get a regular speed, which you will like to wake in.

  • Appropriate for all levels 
  • Extremely durable
  • 27 inches performance mast
  • Big wings
  • Very fast
  • Doesn't come with foot straps

6. Liquid Force Launch Wake Foil

This is a great wake foil for new wake foilers. It can get you up and going in no time, even if it is your first time on the foil. It does not set out to intimidate you but gradually welcome you into the world of wake foiling. 

This equipment is made by Liquid force, showing you how reliable the brand is when it comes to making wake foiling gear.


The first thing you would notice is the flite 120 carbon wings. This gives the wake foiler the feeling of gliding on the water without any issues of drag. Also, it is an excellent option for slow speed or gradually easing into higher speed levels.

Launch Foil is covered with standard aluminum foliage to give it a great design and this material's ability to work well in water without the fear of getting spoilt.


This wake foil comes with 24 inches alloy mast that gives your wake oil the lift you desire. It makes citing and carving through the water an easy feat.

Launch Foil's padded wing cover will stop any damage like scratches or tears from occurring. Its standard collar also makes it very user friendly and easy to use by beginners.

  • Padded wings save it from easy and tear
  • Suitable for beginners
  • It can be used for slow speed wake foiling
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • It gives the rider the perfect lift
  • Absence of foot straps

7. Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil

This Liquid Force wake foil is different from the rest because of its design and structure. It is aimed at making you uncomfortable while you ride high on your wake foil.


Nebula 4-2 is made with dura surf construction. Therefore, you should expect it to be comfortable and very stable as a rider. 

You get a concave desk that allows you to control your board entirely. This double concave also ensures that minimum water remains on your wake foil and help you increase your speed gradually as you ride.


The horizon foil set is one of the most advanced sets made and can take your wake foiling experience to new levels. You get the regular inserts to increase balance and stability when in the foil.

There is also the large wings with curled tips that make it easy for you to maneuver turns and curves on this take foil. It has three angled shim plates to let you pick your desired preferences when riding.

  • Great wings that make it to maneuver
  • Suitable for a new wake foiler
  • Durable
  • Ensures stability and balance
  • Easy to control

8. Liquid Force Horizon 160 Wake Foil

Liquid Force once again has produced this Molded Carbon Horizon wake foil for enhanced user experience. This wake foil offers a lot of utilities that can't be found in other wake foils, making it a wake foil of choice.


It has a connection from the mast that makes this foil lightweight, easy to cut through the water, and make quick and easy maneuvers. This connection also makes this wake foil the most hydrodynamic design of liquid force.


It has a 160 front wing that enables it to glide through the water effortlessly. It has a stabilizer wing that allows the rider to gain stability while on the same.

Molded Carbon Horizon also has three angled shim plates to enable the rider to choose their desired preference when on the wake foil. This wake foil simply gives you a brand new experience whenever you ride it.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stabilizer wing 
  • Three angled shim plates
  • It has reinforced carbon
  • It comes with regular inserts

9. Liquid Force Impulse Wake Foil

We are closing this article with another variation from the liquid force. Impulse 125 is designed to give the rider an exceptional experience, even if it is their first time riding the foil. It offers a lot of stability and comfort while riding behind a boat on this excellent wake foil. 

If you are confused about a wake foil to pick, Liquid Force offers a wide range that you can choose from.


This wake foil is very easy to maneuver and cut through the water easily. When beginning a sport like a wake foiling, you need the perfect equipment to make learning and becoming perfect in the skill possible. Thankfully, Impulse 125 is designed to make all of that happen for you.

It has a concave bottom that makes it easy for you to grip the board and gain control over your movements and turns while on the water.


It has a 27-inch mast that sets the rider high enough above water to enable you to perform tricks and enjoy wake foiling better.

The hardware kit is stainless steel that is coated with titanium. This is because the wake foil always comes in contact with water, so these materials make it last longer.

The inclusion of a transition plate allows you to smoothly ride through the water without feeling any bumps or discomfort.

  • Lightweight
  • 27 inches mast that puts it high enough above water
  • It is made with long-lasting and durable materials
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Has padded wing covers
  • It is not the fastest wake foil

What Is Wake Foiling & Hydrodynamics 101

A wake foil is a foil equipped board that widens your freedom to ride anywhere a wave or wherever a lift occurs.

Wake foiling, on the other hand, is an innovation for surfing. It gives the surfer the ability to perform stunts behind any kind of boat, not minding if the water is rough, smooth, or stormy. 

It does not require speed once mastered because skilled surfers can still surf independently even after leaving the wake. Wake foiling gives the best sensation riding on a board. This innovation comes with a selection of foils and masts that are compatible with all riders, making it easy for them to customize their boards. 

Hydrodynamics 101 is being able to master fluids. It deals with solids that are usually immersed in liquids, like a surfboard immersed in water.

Mastering the shape of the surfboard, its fin, and the changes in the way the water moves around it are Hydrodynamics.  Another thing about mastering hydrodynamics is the surfer's ability to control the surfboard in the water, know the different shapes of the surfboard's underside, and the kind of ride it will give. 

What's The Difference Between Wake Foiling vs. Surf Foiling

A foil is like an airplane wing that is submerged in the water. Wake foiling and Surf foiling are new sports in the boating industry. The feeling of riding a foil that is 2-4 feet out of the water is great. 

The difference between Wake foiling and Surf foiling is in the way their foils are designed. Wake style foils are designed to be ridden at slightly faster speeds. Most wake style boards start to foil at speeds of 8-10 MPH and greater.

On the other hand, the surf foils are designed to be ridden at slower speeds and begin to foil around 4-6 MPH.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Wake Foil

Wake Foil Construction

Since wake foiling is a relatively new sport, the guidelines to acquiring one may be a bit hard to get, but below are a few considerations to look out for when choosing one. 

When looking for a new wake foil, certain things are considered, like the foil board, the foil wing, and the foil mast. These features help you decide on the foil that matches your skill level.

The Foil Board

The board is the most important in other board sports because it connects the rider to the surface (whether it is water, snow, or concrete). 

The board's shape, construction, and style are a bit less important for foiling because the foil wing will take more of the weight. If you want a board to perform how you want it, go for the compression-molded or foam-coated board - that is, if you are new to foiling. 

If you are looking to progress, or you are well oriented and want to stay longer in foiling, you may want to go for those boards that are fiberglass proofed. The compression-molded boards are usually heavier. They dampen more of the vibrations, which helps when you are first learning how to foil. 

The more advanced boards, the carbon fiber, and surf construction weigh less and offer a more secure feel on the water.

The Foil Wing

The foil wing is usually identified as where the magic happens. The foil is the part of the setup that causes the lift. Therefore, it's the most critical piece to consider when getting a hydrofoil. 

Foils are placed into two groups: Wake and Surf. Wake foils are designed to lift at higher speeds, as we have seen in the difference, whereas the round the Surf foils are designed to lift at lower rates. 

You should check for those foil wings that balance your level of expertise.

The Foil Mast

The mast is the connection between the board and the foil. Foil masts are built and used based on the experience of the rider. 

Beginner masts are shorter, and they perform at slower speeds. Larger mast sizes are for the more advanced riders and higher speeds. The larger the mast size, the better it is to handle choppy waters. This is because it allows the rider to stay on the foil without having to touch the board on the water 

The types of masts include; wake masts, starter masts, and surf masts. Again, it would be best if you went for a mast that suits your experience. 

Final Words

Our editor's choice for the best wake foil is Phase Five Gadget Wake Foil. This is because of its design and impressive features.

It is suitable for any kind of water condition from shallow to deep, beach, and the open sea. It also gives the rider just the right amount of lift they need and allows you to adjust the foil to your desired preference.

This is not a high-speed or low-speed wake foil. Riders can determine the speed level that is comfortable for them to ride in per time. Furthermore, it offers the rider a fun side in the water and is suitable for wake foilers of different capacities.

If you are ready to begin to enjoy this fantastic new sport, you can pick your desired wake foil from the choices above and start your journey into the world of wake toilets.

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