10 Best Wakeboard Boats (2021)

If you have been wakeboarding for a while, but are relying too often on your friends for the use of their boat, you might have finally decided it was time to make the big decision and buy one for yourself.

But, it is a huge decision. Boats do not come cheaply and are a serious expense.

Before jumping headfirst into buying the best wakeboard boat that you can, you will need to think about what you are doing.

Will you be using the boat often enough to justify the cost? If yes, then let’s proceed.

It is really easy to get hung up in looking at boats and not know what the right choice is, especially when it comes to cost, size, and all of the other features that come along with it. We have looked into what the best boats out there are and this is what we found.

What To Look For When Boat Shopping

Let’s look first at what features you should be looking at in wakeboarding boat. The first question you should ask is: are you going to be restricted to wakeboarding?

Some people might also want to use it for other sports, like tubing and water skiing. If that is the case, you will want a versatile boat that will be able to handle that.

You will also want to look at the size and the power of water displacement that the boat will be able to produce.

You will want a boat that has a lot of internal ballasts that will weigh down the hull and create bigger and longer waves. Your boat will also need a deep-v hull that will create a natural push and give you a surf-able wave.

You should also look to make sure that you can adjust the steepness of the wave and the length to allow you to customize the types of waves produced to match the rider.

Additionally, hulls that have a unibody vacuum infused construction will offer longevity as well as strength. This way, you will have a powerful engine that still has fuel efficiency and torque. Ideally, you would try out a few different types before you buy one.

1. MasterCraft X-7

Best Wakeboard Boat (Editor's Choice)

While there are so many different wakeboards out there, we still found a favourite. The best wakeboard boat that we have found is the MasterCraft X-7.

Even though this boat has been around since the mid-1990s, the boat is still one of the only boats that have been approved for all five competitive events, which means the trick, slalom, barefooting, jumping, and wakeboarding.

2. Centurion Ri257


Our second place winner for the best wakeboard boat is the Centurion Ri257. This boat has a DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell with an available BombShell Strapless Racks and XXL Bimini.

The wakeboard tower can also fold down quickly and easily with just the push of a button. This boat also has a spectrum of power that will adjust the speed and the waves that are produced easily. The hull design works to displace water easily, creating a side-to-side balance for symmetrical wakeboard wakes.

There is also 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom and even more V than you will find in most of the other towboats. Also, if fuel is a concern of yours, this boat offers up to 50 percent more fuel efficiency than the other major wakeboarding boats that are out on the market.

3. Moomba Helix

When you look at the prices of most of the boats out there, you are likely to cringe. It is such a huge commitment that it might easily deter you.

But, you can still get a budget friendly wakeboard boat. We found that the Moomba Helix is the perfect wakeboard boat on a budget. Instead of the cringe-worthy pricing of many of the other boats, this one is closer to the cost of a new car.

This boat comes with a 400 horsepower Indmar Raptor Engine as well as the Flow 2.0 surf system and the 4,000 pound G3 ballast system. It also has a Bluetooth compatible stereo system built right in, making it very easy to listen to music.

4. Axis Wake Research A24

This is a great budget option if you are working within a budget for your wakeboarding boat. The design manages to pull of both economical and functional at the same time.

The dash of the boat is controlled by the standard metal toggle switches, instead of the newer touchscreens that have become more prominent in recent years. That might be a deal breaker for anyone who was hoping to have a boat that has the latest technology available.

The boat is taller than other boats, but also has minimal interior features. As a result, you will get extra ballast that will create giant wakes. The exterior of the boat also allows the boat to easily and smoothly chop through the water. It really is a nice balance of performance, price, and power.

5. MasterCraft NXT22

This boat can produce wakes and waves at a price that is not going to break the bank.

The boat weighs 4,200 pounds and has 2,140 pounds of water ballast with the Gen 2 system. The boat also has a standard manual folder tower and a surf system with tabs on either side.

The controls are manual, however, so they do not have the touchscreen that you will find in the more expensive options out there. If you are good with that, then you will be able to get a bargain for this boat.

6. Malibu 20 VTX

Most Versatile

If you are looking for a wakeboarding boat that can be used for other purposes, we suggest the Malibu 20VTX.

This is a boat that is really made to be able to do it all. It is shaped to help generate waves, but will still allow you to do some slalom skiing if that is a sport that you like to dabble in as well.

This is really nice if you have more than one friend who likes to do different water sports. You are not limited to a boat that will be able to make wakes. Instead, you will have a boat that can generate waves at slower speeds, but can generate the lift needed for skiing at higher speeds.

This is really because of the diamond hull shape of the boat. There is an option for a center-mounted ski pylon as well wif you have any skiers in your life. You can also use the Power Wedge III, which is a hydrofoil that will add a response equal to 1,500 pounds of ballast to help grow the wake.

7. Nautique Super Air GS20

Another awesome choice if you are looking for more of a crossover boat that can handle both wakeboarding and water-skiing is the Nautique Super Air GS20.

This boat manages to produce wakes that are great for boarding as well as for surfing. You can easily switch back and forth between the two sports with this boat as well. It is there to make it easy on you.

There is the Nautique Configurable Running Surface (NCRS), which has an adjustable plate that can move automatically based on the user settings.

There are also sensors that will automatically, electronically adjust to the ride conditions, which is much like the auto trim tabs that you will see on recreational boats. 

Ultimately, the boat is made to either lower the wakes in the case of skiing or boost the wakes if you are wakeboarding. It is a great choice to combine the two.

8. Tigé 20RZX

If you are looking for a boat that will be able to build the biggest wakes, check out the Tigé 20RZX.

When we say big, we mean big. This boat is much bigger and beamier than what you will normally get from a kind of crossover boat. Like other crossover boats, the 20RZX is 20 feet in length, but that is where the comparison ends. This boat is able to take on 46 gallons of fuel and can easily seat up to 13 people at a time.

The boat has a cathedral-style hull that curves upward at the transom. That way, you can produce a slalom wake if you wanted to or you can produce a wakeboard level of wake. It uses a touchscreen as well in the dashboard to help you control the ballast and other settings within the boat.

The TAPS 3 system will allow the driver to easily change the boat’s pitch, list, and even the yaw in order to get the right amount of wake. This might also be a huge advantage for those who don’t have a lot of experience wakeboarding and need to start with something smaller.

9. MasterCraft XT21

Perhaps the longest boat that we are going to look at is the MasterCraft XT21. This boat has an 8 foot, 2 inch beam as well as a traditional V monohull.

It looks a lot sleeker than the other boats as a result. It also has a large, 51-gallon fuel capacity and it can hold up to 14 passengers at a time. This is not a small boat made for casual outings.

This boat is there to bring several people out at a time. It really is great for serious outings. The boat is powered by a 6.0L Ilmor engine that has been designed and made for MasterCraft exclusively. It also is able to track true slalom runs and will give off a minimal wake at higher speeds with no ballast.

The boats have been equipped with the Gen2 Surf System as well, which will provide 2,640 pounds of ballast with 900 pound tanks near the transom. There is also a 600 pound tank built under the consoles walk-through to the bow seating.

Finally, there is a shaping device on board that will help you sculpt and shape the wake or the wave to meet the needs of the rider. It is all controlled with the simple push of a button on the Murphy touchscreen that has been built into the dashboard.

10. Supra SE

The last boat that has made our list as one of the best wakeboarding boats is the Supra SE. This is an extra-long boat, coming in at 24.5 feet long. It has enough room to seat 18 passengers and honestly feels like a bit of a luxury liner on the inside.

There is an Auto Wake system in place as well that uses an inclinometer to make sure that the boat has the right pitch and roll for whatever activity you are doing and who is doing it.

 There is a Vision Touch screen as well that has been perfectly integrated into the fahs and the entire helm has all of the major functions completely accessible and easy to find.

Final Words

There are a lot of different options of wakeboarding boats out there. We have chosen the MasterCraft X-7 as the winner, because it has been approved to compete in all of the various water sports.

You will not be restricted to wakeboarding with this boat and can expand you options to other water sports as well.

The Centurion Ri257 was a close second with its DropZone Auto Tower and floating Linear Actuations. This will give you more function.

This boat has a lot of really thoughtful touches to it that will allow it to work for riders of any ability, from beginners right up to expert wakeboarders.

Before you decide on one boat or another, see how many different types that you can try out on the water. That is the only way to be sure that you are getting a boat that you will want to drive and one that will do everything that you need it to.

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