Best Wakeboard For Big Guys (2023)

Wakeboarding has come a long way since the mid-1980s and brands are designing boards for people of all sizes and shapes including the big guys.

Finding the best wakeboard for big guys will enable you to express your creativity in the water without worrying about falling into water.

Wakeboards for big guys should be durable, lightweight, stable, and have the right length and width to provide enough support and be comfortable for riding.

Most manufacturers design boards in different sizes to serve the different weights so that everyone can have a board that is suitable for them.

Longer and wider boards are the best ones for heavier and bigger riders as they provide enough space to move around and even perform tricks. Finding the right board means that you will have no problems getting and staying on it.

10 Best Wakeboards For Big Guys (2023)

If you are a heavier rider, you may be wondering whether there is a wakeboard for you in the market.

Fortunately, various models are designed with features to specifically serve the big guys.

Before buying the best wakeboard for big guys, ensure that you do your research so that you do not spend a lot of your money and end up with the wrong wakeboard.


Skill Level



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1. Liquid Force Peak 

Editor's Choice


141 - 149 cm


2. Ronix RXT Blackout Technology 

High Performance


136 - 148 cm


3. Liquid Force Trip 

Budget Friendly


130 - 144 cm


4. Hyperlite Motive 

For Beginners


134 - 140 cm


5. Liquid Force Illusion 


147 - 152 cm


6. Ronix District 


134 - 150 cm


7. Liquid Force Raph 


147 - 152 cm


8. Slingshot Nomad 


150 - 160 cm


9. Obrien Valhalla 


138 - 143 cm


10. Liquid Force Tao 


160 cm


1. Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard  

Best Wakeboard For Big Guys (Editor's Choice)


The Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard allows you to control where you don’t and has a pop for playfulness where you need it.

The durable and lightweight wood core provides you with a lively ride. It uses an eco-friendly design in its production so that you can feel good riding on a board that is good for the environment while still doing your tricks in the air.

Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard


The aggressive 3-stage rocker allows for rail and speed control as it has a flatter center curve.

The exit angle through the tip is exaggerated to provide a bucking pop off the wake. The center concave hull does not have any fins but has a tail and edge channels.

The single concave bottom creates less drag when you are riding and up on your feet. It allows for a more comfortable ride and soft landings.

The tip channels enable you to lock it into rails, kickers, and corners for an additional boost while the edge channels provide you the bite for controlled carves.

The center rails are concaved and thicker to offer you a more forgiving rail when you are riding on flat waters. This allows for more mellow transitions on the water and prevents hang-ups on features.

The rails near the tail and tip of the board are progressively sharper to allow for maximum edge control when you need it.

The liquid rails offer extra rail bond, flex, and durability. The wood core gives you the most optimized combination of flex, strength, control, and rebound.

 The different combination of fiberglass weaves provides the board with a unique flex and feel. The bio-resin used in making the board also uses renewable raw materials and green chemistry to minimize the impact of production on the environment.

The material used at the base of the board is durable to ensure that you enjoy your surf sessions longer. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.

  • Durable.
  • Stable and easy to control.
  • Good for the environment.
  • Allows for easy transitions.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

2. Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard

High Performance


The Ronix RXT Blackout Technology wakeboard is designed using premium raw materials to give you a poppier, faster, and more responsive ride on the wave.

The new model has been constructed using a new tail and tip shape to provide you with more forgiving landings, putting it at the top of the list.

It is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders and comes in four different sizes: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm, and 148cm.

Ronix RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard


The continuous rocker is an earlier arc that comes with a mellower degree to provide you with a more consistent and smoother glide up the wake.

With this rocker, you can land tricks farther out into the flats and carry more speed up the transition.

This wakeboard comes with more stored energy to give more time to the rider to create a full lift from the power that is building from the tip to the tail of the board. Instant energy with an extra kick creates a snap off the wake and a quick lift.

The rails and the edges are made of urethane to generate a durable bumper and more top water speed from those floating menaces at the cable park.

 The saw cut channels are for release while the rails are for traction. Their blackout technology in the core makes this board super awesome and lightweight.

  • Lightweight.
  • Great speed.
  • Smooth and consistent glide.
  • Durable.

3. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Budget Friendly


The Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard is a versatile and classic board that comes with more energy than ever because of its fuller tip shape.

 If you are ready to take your wakesurfing skills to the next level, the Liquid Force Trip is the right board for you especially if you like doing tricks.

The hull comes with longer, molded fins for smoother transitions and more control. The center fin can be removed for increased maneuverability and smear when you are ready to let loose.

Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard


The aggressive continuous rocker on this board is suitable for long trajectory arcs and flowing transitions off the wake. The DISC hull and V-tip channels make this board skatey and fast all over the water.

The double concave design inside a single concave force the water below the board to be dispersed in a way that enables easy transitions and effortless movements.

The bottom of the board has tips that are made to disperse water like a V which splits the water flow for a faster release off the water and ride.

 The PU core is molded and compressed to the highest standards to make the board durable and lightweight.

The fiberglass combination and weaving provide a unique flex, strength, and feel when surfing. It is suitable for surfers with intermediate and advanced skill levels.

  • Easy transitions and movements.
  • Faster rides.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Not suitable for beginners.

4. Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard  


If you are looking for a wakeboard for the whole boat, the Hyperlite Motive is for you. The Motive wakeboard will keep you going whether you are a beginner or learning to catch some air and carve.

The continuous rocker and the 6-degree edge bevel will provide you with enjoyable rides and mellow turns.

Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard


The continuous rocker is designed to provide you with a predictable, fluid pop and speed to carry you into the wake with minimal drag. This rocker design creates a longer trajectory with the same pop every time.

The hull has a V bottom tunnel that allows you to land tricks easily and have a mellow, smooth ride.

The Biolite 3 core is the most durable and lightest formula used by the Hyperlite brand as it is the gold standard in the industry.

Since traditional woven glass separates with time, this board is designed using layered glass so that you can have the same pop for a longer time.

To ensure that the board is protected from delamination, the bottom glass and the top glass are integrated to create a durable board.

The molded-in fins ensure that the traditional construction boards have maximum durability as the material reinforces the parts that normally wear down quickly.

It is suitable for beginner and intermediate-level surfers. It comes in two sizes: 134cm for people weighing between 80 and 100 pounds and 140cm for individuals weighing between 120 and 230 pounds.

  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Allows for easy and quick turns.
  • Provides great balance.
  • Not suitable for advanced surfers.

5. Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard is a cable machine that is high-powered to provide you with the best performance behind the boat.

 It is designed to enable you to be creative as the technology used reduces the weight in the tips which improve the overall response so that you can stay in control and rise higher when making air movements.

The liquid rails hold up to repeated hard hits while the hybrid continuous rocker provides a smooth feel. You can effortlessly show your style with the Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard.

Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard


The continuous rocker is a hybrid that blends two curves for a consistent feel and improved performance through the smooth center curve.

 Liquid Force removed some parts of the core to improve the overall response and reduce the weight of the board. This is to allow for more control in the air because the swing weight has been reduced.

The single concave hull can adjust throughout the length of the board to give a sharp hold when needed but does not have hang-ups on the features. For a sure hold, this board comes with sharp edge channels on the tips.

The lifted rails raise the bottom of the board for catch-free rides. The liquid rails give additional durability, rail bond, and flex. The precision core provides a more optimized mixture of control, rebound, flex, and strength.

 The fiberglass weaving makes this board strong and the Bio-resin construction is eco-friendly which reduces the impact of production on the environment.

The sintered grind base makes the board durable and the flex track system allows for a customizable stance choice.

  • Uses renewable raw materials.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Has great control and flex.
  • Minimal weight for easy air movements.
  • Can be challenging for beginners.

6. Ronix District Wakeboard  


The hybrid and all-purpose rocker design of this wakeboard allow you to have blasting wake-to-wake jumps, predictable takeoffs, and solid carves. It is easy to ride the Ronix District wakeboard but responds in kind if you want to push the limit.

Ronix District Wakeboard


The Ronix District Wakeboard features a hybrid continuous rocker and a Modello core which is durable, tough, light, and affordable.

The board’s flex has more stored energy which gives you enough time to create a full and quick lift as well as snap off the wake.

It features a monocoque construction and a magic carpet base glass. The low friction base is designed so that you can have the most glide on premium boat boards.

The M6 inserts feature a higher thread count which means you will have more hold on shallow waters for a more board feel but not sacrificing the boot lock down. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers.  

  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Creates a quick lift.
  • Can be difficult for beginners.

7. Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard


The Liquid Force wakeboard is the mysterious fellow who doesn't let out much until you experience it yourself.

This wakeboard has a shape that is the smoothest and loosest for hitting features because it does have channels on its tail and tip.

It has a clean look and is available in 3 sizes and comes with the signature flex track for more response and connection.

It is one of the best-selling cable boards in the whole Liquid force range. It has all the tech features required hence a track system. It has some rails on the back to help it to track it into the kickers and for air ricks.

The board is for someone who wants to do air tricks because it is a pure-bred cable board.

Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard


This board features a 2D Flex zone in the tips that make the board bend around the rails for maximum control.

The core provides the board with more spring-loaded flex and rebound than the standard edition hence, creating a livelier ride.

The Flex Track provides unmatched connection, and the LG Exclusive Grind base and the liquid rails enhance durability.

 It has a flatter center for rail control and speed. The exaggerated exit angle through the tip offers a bucking pop off the wake.

It also has added a horizontal element across the flex zone for maximum flex ability to the tips.

  • Maximum flex ability
  • Highly durable
  • The board bend for maximum control.
  • We didn’t find any.

8. Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard


The slingshot Nomad Wakeboard is well known as a big ride for big guys. It straddles the line between tricking, smooth riding, and comfort.

It comes huge at 155cm and can carry up to 280 pounds weight with its speedy layout. It is also wide for added stability. Big guys can depend on this board for poise and power on their trip out to the sea.

Slingshot Nomad Wakeboard


You will get a lot from this trusted board. This board has a medium flex that provides strong pop with good control while the continuous rocker leads to smoother and faster rider where one will be hooking their turns with ease.

It has unique board hulls with precision laser cuts with hydrodynamic advantages in speed, pop, and grip.

The single short fusions sidewalls add durability while the wood core brings a feeling to the flex where you need to experience it to get the real feeling.

  • Lengthy board.
  • Provides more performance.
  • Great pop and balanced.
  • The board's four fins can limit the ability to perform some tricks.

9. Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard 


This is one of the most reliable and forgiving boards in the market.  This board is great for intermediate and beginner riders who want predictable and consistent performance to perfect their riding.

This board has the Feather Core with a tapered thickness profile with molded fins that give the Valhalla control from one edge to the other hence making it an ultra-reliable board.

It is paired with a Delta base and progressive rocker to generate smooth and controlled pop off the wake hence allowing the rider to maintain the air control and be able to build confidence when riding.

Obrien Valhalla Wakeboard


The progressive rocker is similar to a continuous rocker that has a kicked-up tail and tip leading to more vertical pop with more predictability.

Their variable beveled edges are roller edges for a catch-free and smooth ride that sharpens the tail and tip for more bite.

The delta base has Chevron-shaped channels that are molded into the tip and tail of the board to reduce drag for a cleaner release or the wake and faster edging.

The grab rail channel on the board's top makes it easier to lock onto grabs and also makes it easier to carry the board.

The combination of the four molded fins and the other two removable center fins for great stability and control while on water. When the rider gets comfortable, they can remove the center fins for a looser feel.

  • Great control and stability.
  • Good for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • We didn’t find any.

10. Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard


This wakeboard is a bulletproof and high-flying monster of a park board. It is for the riders who put serious stress on their board and can hold it up in tough circumstances.

This wakeboard has concaved beveled rails that provide softer as well as more forgiving rails towards the mid-section. This helps in preventing hang-ups on features and allows for more mellow transitions when on water.

Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard


The board's single concave bottom gives less drag while riding on your feet. This allows for a more comfortable rider and soft landings. 

 The edge channels in this board provide you with the bite for controlled carves. The mellow tip channels allow you to keep it on lock into the rails, kickers, and corners for enhanced boost.

The well-engineered tip channels on the bottom of the board gave Tao board enough bite that allows maneuverability at the park without any hang-ups. This keeps the board finless on the water.

It also has a round scallop tail that is great for confident control, and big drawn-out carves allow you to keep your speed when pulling out to the features. The full shape of the board gives a softer landing off features and kickers.

  • Prevent hang-ups on features.
  • Allows for soft landings and comfortable riding.
  • You have confident control.
  • You get an enhanced boost.
  • We didn’t find any.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wakeboard

Wakeboard Specifications

Wakeboard Length & Size

The first consideration is the size and length of the wakeboard. The heavier the rider, the longer you will want the wakeboard to be.

For a rider who weighs between 90 and 150 pounds, you will likely need a wakeboard that is between 130 and 134 centimetres. A rider between 130 and 180 pounds would want a wakeboard between 135 and 139 centimetres, while a rider between 170 and 250 pounds might opt for a board around 140 centimetres in length.

The sizes continue to go up, with riders over 200 pounds needing a wakeboard that is more than 144 centimetres in length.

Ability Level

There are different types of wakeboards to support different ability levels. In general, anyone could ride any shape as long as the size is right size. Normally, beginning to intermediate riders will look for a 3-stage rocker that is more forgiving when going over wakes, while the more advanced riders will want aggressive continuous rockers.

Beginning riders will also want a board that is more forgiving, allowing them to master their skills. Advanced riders will want a stiff board that will give them height and speed that is needed to pull off spins and tricks.

Wakeboard Rocker

There are four types of wakeboard rockers: continuous, 3-stage, camber, and hybrid rockers.

  • 3-stage rockers are a little on the clunky side and will help you clear a wake, but they do give less control to the rider.
  • The continuous rockers will give you a fast and smooth ride. Their sleek shape lets the water run off without any trouble.
  • A camber rocker has two surface points that help with stability and control, but they do not offer as much clearance height.
  • The last is the hybrid rockers that will vary, but will be some combination of the other types of rockers.

Wakeboard Base Shapes

Wakeboards offer a lot of variety when it comes to their base shapes. There are several varieties, including the following:

  • Concave shapes have small indentations on the bottom of the board that will help you make higher jumps and glide across the water more effortlessly.
  • Channels lessen the impact of the board on water, because of the small fins on the bottom of the board.
  • V-shape spines are typically added to 3-stage rockers to help soften the landing after going off of a wake. They will help the board roll smoothly from edge to edge.
  • Featureless boards do not come with any fins or channels, putting all of the work of the sport onto the rider. This is not a great choice for beginners.
  • Grind base boards are heavy duty and are only used by riders who are going to regularly go off metal or rough surfaces that might break down another board. 


Fins are used on wakeboards to help give you better grip and stability. Longer fins help give you more contact with the water, but will also make it harder to catch any air.

Molded fins are usually more durable and will hold up better, but if they are damaged, they cannot be removed or replaced. The whole board would have to be replaced.

Removable fins can be changed out. They also can be removed as your skills improve, since more advanced riders will not want much in the way of fins and would want to switch to smaller fins.

Benefits Of A Shorter Wakeboard

While the length of your wakeboard can depend greatly on your size, there are other considerations to make. Shorter wakeboards are easier to manoeuvre and much easier to use to pull off tricks.

But, they do require more energy from the rider to get through the water in order to do those tricks. Landings are also harder with these wakeboards, since you have to be careful about where the nose is headed so it doesn’t dig into the water.

Benefits Of A Longer Wakeboard

Meanwhile, longer wakeboards are much easier to learn to wakeboard with. This is because they have a solid boost-off-the-wake feel to them. They are normally heavier than short boards, which is partly why it is harder to catch air with them.

But you will have more control over the board. They move much easier through the water as well, requiring little energy from the rider to propel them forward. They also are much easier to land.

Best Wakeboard Brands

Best Wakeboard Brands

Liquid Force

Liquid Force is one of the best-known wakeboard manufacturers in the world. They make all kinds of wakeboard products, from clothes and accessories to the boards and wakeboard ropes. They specified in twin-tip wakeboards, but also make lightweight and hybrid wakeboards.

Their products aim for speed as well as durability. Twin-top boards by Liquid Force were the first to have you ride with your right foot forward, changing the sport for many riders out there.


Ronix is definitely one of the leading brands for wakeboards, bindings, and other products. They are known for their continued innovations and their appealing style.

Their gear is made to the point of perfection, encompassing comfort as well as the most advanced technology that you can get from a wakeboard. They strive to offer a customized fit, meeting the needs of men, women, and children as well as working for all levels of riders.


Hyperlite might be the most famous wakeboard brand out there. Their products have been trusted for years and are known to be reliable. Even pro athletes like Rusty Malinoski rely on Hyperlite.

They are known for their neutral buoyancy as well as their compression-molded design. They are slender like slalom skis, which helps give them a softer landing than other brands. They are incredibly light wakeboards, which is where the name comes from.


Slingshot is one of the newer brands in the industry, though even then, they have been around for twenty years. They specialize in outdoor water sport equipment, which includes wakeboards and some of the best wakesurf boards on the market.

Their boards have an artistic element to them, making them appealing as well as unique. This works well for riders who like to have boards that are more eye-catching and represent your personality better. Slingshot really believes in constant innovation and technological advancement.


Connelly really made a name for itself in the world of skiing, but it has not disappointed in wakeboarding either. Connelly is parted with another brand called CWM Board Co.

Together, they have built some of the closest-celled foam boards that are out on the market. They are cut from an advanced grid system and they are uniformly stylish as well as durable. They make boards for all levels of riders as well as all ages.

What are the characteristics of wakeboards for big guys?

Size And Length

The length and size of a wakeboard are important features that depend on the weight and how your ride. 

To get a good riding experience you need a board that will give you speed, agility, and ease to ensure your board is wide and long enough for you to float well.

Shorter wakeboards are slower and need more effort pushing through the water. A board with more surface area moves quickly along the surface while a short wakeboard move easily but may be quite rough when landing.

Longer wakeboards are more comfortable to provide and ride a sturdier feel, especially when riding against the wake.

They need more energy to control but can easily move swiftly through the water and gives you a soft landing.

The Wakeboard Riding Style And Rocker

The continuous rocker is a wakeboard with a curved shape to allow a smooth and fast ride and you can turn easily.

It can easily pick up speed and has a predictable pop when in contact with the wake hence making you shoot seamlessly at the flats.

Camber is a wakeboard with a more centered ride and changes the weight distribution when on water. It has a subtle curved shape but a downward direction

A 3-stage rocker has three individual planes that allow your wakeboard to generate pop when you hit the wake. 

It makes the wakeboard hurtle instead of cutting through the water hence slowing you down.  It has a rough and sluggish landing because of its flat area.

A hybrid is a cross between different rockers. It is between the continuous rocker and the 3-stage rocker.

It is also good to take note of other factors like the weight of the boards the lighter the board the better, physical features like spines, fins, and channels, and the wakeboard edges, fast acceleration, and speed because of sharper edges.

Final Words 

Wakeboarding is a sport that everyone should enjoy, regardless of how much they weigh.

When buying a wakeboard for big guys, ensure that you consider the width and the length as they play a key role in the support and comfort that the board provides.

From the list above, our choice for the best wakeboard for big guys is the Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard because it allows you to have control and has a pop for playfulness where you need it.

The durable and lightweight wood core provides you with a lively ride. It uses an eco-friendly design in its production so that you can feel good riding on a board that is good for the environment while still doing your tricks in the air.