10 Best Wakeboard Racks (2021) – Wakeboard Tower & Storage Racks

Most people want a high quality wakeboard rack but find it challenging to identify one. 

If you make a pick from this list, you are sure to leave with what we can guarantee will be the best wakeboard rack you have ever owned.

Why is a wakeboard rack so important, and do you even need one? The truth is that when you go out to surf, you need to be delicate with how you handle your board.

This is because mishandling your board puts them at the risk of developing scratches. Of course, scratches on your board can affect your surfing experience.

Also, a wakeboard is large and takes up space in the boat. With a wakeboard rack, however, you can save space in the boat by mounting the board on it.

So, what's not to love in a wakeboard rack? It saves space and protects your board from harm

10 Best Wakeboard Racks (2021)





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1. Krypt Wakeboard Rack

Editor's Choice




2. Monster Rack

High Performance




3. Origin OWT-WKI Rack

Budget Friendly




4. X-Haibei Tower Rack




5. Krypt Quick Release




6. Krypt Combo Rack

For Kneeboards




7. Amarine Board Rack




8. Tengchang Bat Rack




9. Amarine Angle Rack




10. Store Your Board Rack

Storage Rack




1. Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack

Best Wakeboard Rack (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best wakeboard rack is the Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack. The rack is built with premium quality materials, and it can hold two boards at a time.


The Krypt Towers Wakeboard Rack is designed to be mounted on towers. It has two sets of aluminum prongs mounted on both ends away from each other. There is a rubber bumper that has been coupled with it for board protection.

It has been designed to cater to wakeboard towers that do not have completely vertical legs. It has a swivel mount, which means it can be attached to any tower at 360 degrees.


It sports a polished 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. Its aluminum part is doubly polished, which explains the mirror shine surface it has. There is a Swivel mount that makes it a versatile wakeboard rack to have.

It can be mounted on any tower, vertical or horizontal, at different angles. Attached is a Bungee strap to help hold the board further in place.

A Bungee strap ensures your board doesn't fall off under turbulent conditions. It can hold two wakeboards in place, and the soft rubber finger inserts ultimately secure your board while traveling.

  • It can hold two boards in place
  • The presence of bungee straps and rubber inserts provides stability for the boards
  • The mirror shine quality makes for great aesthetics
  • We didn't find any

2. Monster Wakeboard Rack

High Performance

If you are concerned about high performance, then you should go to the Monster Wakeboard Rack.

This rack is guaranteed to offer high-quality performance that will be convenient for you.


The Monster Wakeboard Rack is designed to hold any board. Like most wakeboard racks, it has the standard dual set of prongs sat at both ends of a horizontal bar made from the same material.

Included with this wakeboard rack are thick rubber inserts made to prevent damages to the board.

The body of the wakeboard rack is made with aluminum that has been brushed and anodized. Being an anodized rack means it has excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches.


This wakeboard rack can accommodate boards of several sizes up to 1-1/4" thick. Each of the forks features a thick rubber that helps give additional protection to the board when they sit between the aluminum fingers.

It was constructed from machined 6063 billet aluminum and also anodized to ensure it is durable. The presence of three stainless steel fasteners makes it extra strong. It has universal plastic inserts, which ensures it can sit on any tower of various diameters.

  • The presence of UV-resistant cord
  • It has a unique lever that makes it easy to remove the board without tools
  • It can sit on various types of boards
  • It cannot sit on multiple boards

3. Origin OWT-WKI Wakeboard Rack

Budget Friendly

If you are looking to get a wakeboard rack that will serve you efficiently and not break your bank, you can choose from the options below.


The most significant selling point of this board is its quality and inexpensiveness. It is your typical wakeboard rack with all the features you would expect from a classic. It is designed with features that make it easy to install.

It has an easily adjustable mountable to any angles that you would prefer when mounting it to a tower.

If you require a wakeboard rack that can sit comfortably on both a vertical or horizontal building, this should be your pick. The finish of its product material gives it a pleasant and polished feel.


This wakeboard rack prides itself on its ease of installation. It is easy to attach to a tower and easy to decouple too.

Its clamp mount has been designed so that it is suitable for any angle of your boat's tower. Holding the board in place is essential, and this wakeboard rack comes with a bungee cord to help you keep your board in place while you travel.

  • It is easy to install
  • It has wide finger prongs to suit various sizes of boards
  • It is suitable for vertical and horizontal bars
  • Useful for wakeboards and kneeboards
  • The included rubber gaskets have a smell

4. X-Haibei Wakeboard Rack

The X-Habei Wakeboard Rack is a versatile board in its design. The manufacturers kept it simple on this one, and there is no fancy attachment that can give you any headaches when installing it.


It has the typical fingers that seat the boards. There are no rubber inserts present. The mount is slightly different in its design, and there is a rubber lacing in it.

If you are into kneeboarding and wakeboarding, you will love this rack because it is designed to hold both a kneeboard and a wakeboard.


Inside the mount sits a rubber ring, which was included to prevent the rack from shaking when traveling. The reduced shaking motion will also prevent the clamp from wearing out.

The aluminum material used has been surface-treated with buffing and an anodized finish. The anodized finish prevents the material from rusting.

It features a non-slip design, which ensures your board stays in place at all times.

There are bungee ropes for additional board security.    

  • Can hold kneeboard and wakeboard in place
  • Has extra anti-wear protection for the mount
  • It can be used in a seawater environment
  • No adjustable mount

5. Krypt Quick Release Wakeboard Tower Rack

Krypt Quick Release Wakeboard Tower Rack has a shiny look to it with its polished aluminum finish.


This wakeboard rack comes with a rubber bumper that provides the board with extra cushion in a choppy ride.

They can be mounted on the tower at any angle. It rotates in 45-degree increments to make this possible. The wakeboard rack is designed so that the rack can come off the clamp quickly. In 15 seconds, you should be able to detach the rack from the clamp.


The rack comes along with a bungee strap, which helps hold the board in place when mounted. The manufacturing material is a heavy-duty Aircraft-grade aluminum that has been polished to a mirror shine. It is also anodized to prevent corrosion.

The aluminum fingers are wide enough to accommodate two boards. Lastly, it has a quick-release mechanism on the clamp that makes it easy to take the rack off the clamp quickly.

  • It can hold two boards in place
  • The anodized aluminum protects it from corrosion
  • The clamp can be adjusted to different angles
  • It is easy to take off the rack.
  • Diamond Stitch Embroidery Grip
  • The clamp can only rotate in 45-degree increments

6. Krypt Towers Combo-Board Rack

For Kneeboards

Krypt Towers combo-board rack in its design helps you get your wakeboard and kneeboard off the floor.

Its manufacturing material is a cast 6061 aircraft grade aluminum that has been polished for a deep mirror shine.


Since it takes two boards, the center finger has been designed to minimize the chances of both boards clashing together on the move.

Rubber bumper inserts sit at the rack's base to protect the boards from getting marked by the aluminum fingers' edges.

The clamp is made of the same polished aluminum fingers. It is adjustable in nearly 360 degrees. It can be mounted on both vertical and horizontal bars at any desired angle. It comes with the regular bungee cord that accompanies most wakeboard racks.      


This wakeboard rack was manufactured with a heavy-duty aircraft-grade double-polished aluminum material. Swivel mount makes it possible to mount it on various types of towers at nearly 360 degrees.

Swivel mount also makes it possible to mount it on vertical and horizontal bars. The aluminum prong’s design makes it possible for the rack to take two boards; a kneeboard and a wakeboard.

  • It can hold a wakeboard and a kneeboard
  • Heavy-duty aluminum material is key to wakeboard rack durability
  • It has no quick-release clamp for quick disassembling

7. Amarine Single Wakeboard Tower Rack

Amarine Single Wakeboard Tower Rack looks different from what you are probably used to in how wakeboard racks are designed. 


The three prongs on each end of a rack usually look like a 'w' written with a curved base. This has a base that seems angled in the way a 'w' looks. The mounting clamp is bulbous in appearance.


It was constructed with a solid billet aluminum with molded injection. It also has a swivel mount that can be adjusted for nearly 360 degrees. This mount helps it fit both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle.

There is a Bungee cord attached to the rack to secure the board when it is placed between the aluminum fork. To help the board sit without getting chipped at, there are rubber inserts that help secure it tightly and cushion the board's edges.

It also has a unique shock cord design that makes grabbing your body a breeze. The wakeboard rack’s surface treatment is an anodized finish, which makes it corrosion resistant.

  • The presence of Bungee cords helps make the board secure
  • There are three different rubber spacers
  • Rubber inserts give additional protection for the board
  • Unique design
  • Its price is on the high side

8. Tengchang Bat Angle Mount Wakeboard Rack

Tengchang Bat Angle Mount Wakeboard Rack has a generic wakeboard rack design with a twist. It has a silver luster to it, but it is made with 6061 aluminum material.


Its surface treatment is spray paint, which might explain away the silvery appearance. Its prong spacing will hold wakeboards that are 1.3" to 2.5" thick, and it can hold up to two boards.

The twist in its design is the bat-shaped plate that holds the forks for storing the wakeboards. There are extra-layers of board security like bungee cords and rubber inserts.


The presence of Bungee cords and rubber inserts help hold the boards in place. The mounting clamp at the wakeboard rack's base has a rubber ring to help reduce friction, reducing wear.

The clamp's design makes it possible to fit on to vertical and horizontal tower bars and at any angle too. It has a surface treatment of spray paint.

  • It has a unique design
  • The aluminum forks can hold wakeboards of varying sizes
  • There are soft rubber inserts and a bungee cord that helps protect the boards
  • The surface of the rack is not anodized. This means it is susceptible to corrosion

9. Amarine Wakeboard Rack

Amarine Made Angle Mount Wakeboard Tower Rack has a unique design. Its aluminum prongs are uniquely angled at the base.


The backplate is bat-shaped in design. The rack is made of polished billet aluminum with a swivel mount adjusted to different angles.

The way the mounting clamp is designed, you can sit it on any vertical or horizontal bars at virtually any angle. To further fasten the board to the rack, a bungee cord mechanism, and rubber inserts ensure the board doesn't get any marks while sitting on the rack.


The rack was manufactured using 6061 billet aluminum. The surface treatment of this rack is an anodized finish, essential for protecting it against corrosion.

The aluminum forks can fit 2.5-inch wakeboards. Bungee cords help ensure the boards are strapped-in while in transit.

  • Unique design
  • It is made of quality 6061 aluminum
  • It can hold two wakeboards
  • It can fit both vertical and horizontal tower bars
  • A bit challenging to assemble

10. Store Your Board Wakeboard Storage Rack

Storage Rack

A storage rack is different from the wakeboard racks that are mounted on boat towers. It is designed to hold your board after you are done using it.

You can't just place your board on the floor. A storage rack can have multiple boards.


The StoreYourBoard Wakeboard Wall Storage is made up of two long slim bars called tracks. Each track serves as a support that holds the brackets which hold the boards.

It has an adjustable rack system, meaning the tracks can be adjusted at will to accommodate longer boards if there is a need for that.

It can hold up to 4 wakeboards thanks to the heavy-duty steel it is made out of, and it can also hold wake surfboards and water skis.


It has an adjustable rack system, which means you can customize how your storage rack looks to your satisfaction. It is made out of heavy-duty steel, which is why you can place multiple boards on it.

You have to mount the tracks on the wall, and then you can plug in the brackets. The brackets are padded with rubber to ensure your board suffers no damage when set on them or taken off.

  • Adjustable tracks make it easy to store various types of boards.
  • There is no risk of board damage since the brackets are padded
  • Although it can store multiple boards, it is usually a fixed number

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wakeboard Rack

Wakeboard Rack Features

The Type of Boards, Surfs, And Skis You Want to Store

When you set out to buy a board, you should consider the type of board you want to store. This is most useful in determining the size of the wakeboard rack to buy.

Wakeboard racks cost a substantial amount of money, and if you do not know what to store before buying a board, you may end up buying a rack that cannot hold the type of board you own.

Capacity And How Many Racks You Need

The capacity of a rack should guard your choice of wakeboard racks. Have you got two boards that you need to tower-mount?

You are better off buying one of those racks that can hold two boards. Also, check if the rack can hold the thickness of the board or boards you own. If it can't, it is time to figure out how many wakeboard racks you should buy.

Can your tower hold that number of wakeboard racks successfully? Your answer will help you know if you should buy or shouldn't.

Rack Construction And Adjustability

The way a wakeboard rack is constructed should influence your choice in a rack. If your tower is angled awkwardly, a wakeboard rack with a swivel mount may be the better choice.

A wakeboard rack is constructed to determine if it can sit on a horizontal bar better than a vertical one or vice-versa.

Something else to look out for in a rack's construction is its surface treatment. If you need a corrosion resistance rack, ensure you are buying an anodized one. 

Wakeboard Rack Installation

A wakeboard rack has several parts that you need to couple correctly to get your board out onto the water safely.  The procedure installation of a wakeboard rack may be unique to it, but, generally, all wakeboards have similar installation methods.

The first thing to do is pick a suitable spot on your tower to attach the clamp or mount. The clamp is usually separated into equal parts that can be screwed together to make it whole.

Screw both pieces together using the appropriate tool. Tighten the neck of the screws to ensure the clamp stays in place.

When that is done, then it is time to mount the rack. The rack has been designed to key into the neck of the clamp. Once that is done, ensure the rack is not crooked. If it is, tighten the clamp further.

Sit the board in your rack and hold it in place with the bungee rope that usually accompanies all racks.

How To Mount A Wall Storage Rack

You will need a level, screws, screwdrivers, a tape measure, a drill, and drill bits to mount wall storage.

Measure out how long your boards will determine the distance of the wall storage racks to each other. Find the center point of the wall with the tape measure. The level is to ensure the racks are angled correctly.

Once you've done all of that, drill a hole that is not wider than the screws (or anything sturdier).

Fit the screws into the wall through the hole in the tracks, and then screw the tracks in place. Plug in the brackets spaced away from each other, and you should be able to set your board on the racks now.

Final Words

If you began reading this article from the very top, you would know all about the importance of wakeboard racks and why you should properly store your wakeboards.

Wakeboards are expensive; storing them improperly when not in use or during trips to the water lessens the length of time they will stay useful to you.

In our books, the best wakeboard rack is the crypt rack. Everything about it screams quality, from the high-quality polish to the many mechanisms put in place to protect the board when in-motion.

The swivel-mount also helped it stay above the rest. Finally, its capacity to hold two boards made it irresistible.

One other board that gave it a good run is the Monster Wakeboard Rack. It gets a shout because of its quick release knob that makes it fast to take off the rack from the anchor mount.

The UV-resistant cord was also a great addition. However, if it could hold two boards, then it would have been tough to drop it for our pick.

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