8 Best Wakeboard Towers (2021)

If your family likes to be out on the lake in summer, you are probably in the market for the best wakeboard tower available.

For active families who like wakeboarding, a wakeboard tower for the boat is an essential leisure accessory.

A wakeboard tower does make it easier to wakeboard because it provides a high tow point that helps to keep the tow off the water.

Does every boat need a wakeboard tower? No, but it does make it much easier for a wakeboarder to get out of the water, especially beginners.

For the most part, it’s easy to install a wakeboard tower. All you need is an installation guide, a few basic tools, and an extra pair of hands.

Apart from facilitating easier wakeboarding, a well-designed wakeboard tower also lets you accessorize your boat with a bimini, speakers, racks, and lights.

8 Best Wakeboard Towers (2021)





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1. Origin OWT-I Tower

Editor's Choice

68" - 98"



2. Reborn Catapult Tower


78" - 106"



3. Krypt Flat Cargo

Budget Friendly

62" - 74"



4. Origin Catapult Tower

76' - 106"



5. Reborn PRO1580


63" - 75"



6. Origin Advancer Tower

78" - 106"



7. Reborn Launch Reverse

Excellent Quality

76" - 106"



8. Krypt Indy Liquid

70" - 102"



1. Origin OWT-I Advancer Wakeboard Tower

Best Wakeboard Tower (Editor's Choice)

The Origin OWT-1 is manufactured with strong aluminum and built to last and it is our Editor's choice for the best wakeboard tower on the market. Its shiny finish makes boats look more expensive than they are.


This is a universal tower that will fit most boats. The tower is adjustable to fit boats with a 68" to 98" beam. It will fit inboard and outboard, 17’ to 22’ in length.

The tower measures up to 86" between the front deck mounts and 56" to 68" between front and rear mounts. The rear legs will adjust to fit up to 100".


All the tubing on this tower is made of 6063 Aircraft polished aluminum tubing and the fittings are made of CNC machined solid 6061 aluminum. All the hardware is stainless steel. If you have a narrow your boat, you can shorten the top tube.

The mounting hardware and single bolt feet make for an easy installation.

The OWT-I is simple to install and it shouldn’t take more than 2- 3 hours for two people to install it. Some users found that they had to strengthen the installation points with welding.

This tower can be stored easily. The back legs can detach from the deck mounts and swing back. And the front legs can swivel. These two actions help to lower the height of the tower for easy storage.

This sturdy, high-quality wakeboard tower comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. Reborn Catapult Polished Wakeboard Tower

High-End Wakeboard Tower

This high-end wakeboard tower comes with a foldable tower Bimini for protection against the sun. However, you should email the manufacturers the required sizes for the bimini only after you have installed the tower. The company also offers support on how to fit the tower via email.


The tower can adjust to fit 78" to 106" between the deck mounts and 71" between front and rear mounts.

It comes in Jet Black or Captain Navy Blue –the company always ships black if the color preference is not specified.


The tower features seamless 2.25’’ 6063 Aircraft aluminum tubing, CNC Machined solid 6061 aluminum fittings, and stainless steel hardware.

The Reborn Catapult Wakeboard can be lowered for easy storage in small spaces. The front legs detach from the fittings and rear legs swivel backward to decrease the height of the top section. The hinge on the top section help to flatten the front legs.

It is simple to attach the wakeboard tower to a boat- it should only take a couple of hours.


You should measure which size would fit your boat and then email the company so they can send you the right size bimini.

The bimini comes in two sizes: 58" wide or 74". It’s made from marine grade VIII UV resistant acrylic and comes with a 5-year guarantee against fading and deformation.

You can wire the tower to install lights or wakeboard tower speakers.

3. Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower

Budget Friendly 

The Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower Boat bimini top does not include the tower, it only includes the bimini top. You order the bimini once you have determined the size you require.

The bimini is fully adjustable and fits over or under the wakeboard tower. If you plan to fit it over the tower, you’ll need extra lift fittings that will cost you $40.

The Krypt bimini comes with fully adjustable arms - 10’’ on each side and it fits all Krypt towers and will fit most other towers as well.


The bimini can be over or under-mounted. It has a rigid width of 62" or 53". Its length is 74’’ and the legs are adjustable to 20". The Krypt bimini comes in black or navy blue 1200 Denier Heavy Duty Canvas. The binimi fits many wakeboard towers.


The Krypt bimini features an adjustable 1" OD seamless stainless steel frame, making the whole structure solid and steady. All the hardware is stainless steel, including clamps in sizes 1.5’’ – 3’’.

The easy step-by-step installation instructions and the fact that no drilling is required mean you’ll get your bimini up and ready in no time.

4. Origin Catapult Wakeboard Tower

This is a universal wakeboard tower that is manufactured with outstanding craftsmanship and quality materials. It is perfect for boats with an overall beam width of 78’’ – 106’’, and with front to rear deck mounts fixed at 65’’ apart.

The single-bolt feet make it super-easy to install.


This wakeboard tower is made with quality craftsmanship and materials. It features seamless 2.25" aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum tubing. Solid CNC machined aluminum feet and joints were used in the manufacturing.


The wakeboard tower easily folds down with the removal of 1 screw in each front leg. The Catapult can fold below windshield level for easy storage.

All hardware is stainless steel with the main tubing made from 6061 and 6063 aircraft-grade aluminum.

Single-bolt feet makes for easy installation in less than 3 hours.

5. Reborn Wakeboard Tower PRO1580

The Reborn wakeboard tower bimini is designed to fit most popular wakeboard towers on the market. The bimini works for medium to wide boats and is fully adjustable.

If you are planning to add a bimini to your wakeboard tower, be sure to contact Reborn first to make sure if the bimini will fit your tower.

The Reborn bimini is very adjustable. The support arms can be at the front, rear, above, or below for the best fit for your tower.

The main cross bar is adjustable with pins and it locks firmly between the wakeboard tower legs.

To come to the correct size for your bimini, measure across the boat between the front legs and between the rear legs and across the boat at the height you would like your bimini to be.


Canopy comes in jet black and it measures 62’’ x 75’’.


This adjustable bimini fits most wakeboard towers. The main crossbar is adjustable with pins and it’s fastened with 2.5’’- 2.25’’ clamps. The main crossbar locks firmly.

6. Origin Advancer Wakeboard Tower

The Origin Advancer wakeboard tower comes in a shape that will suit any boat, including a ski boat, clinker, inboard, or outboard.

This wakeboard tower was designed to be stored in a low storage space.  For this purpose, the rear legs can detach from the deck mounts and swing backward and the front legs swivel to lower the top section.


This is a universal tower that will fit boats 78"-106"- wide. It measures 86" between the front deck mounts, and 56" to 72" between front and rear mounts. The rear legs will adjust to fit up to 100". The finish is a glossy black powder coat.

If your boat is narrow you may have to shorten the top tube.


The wakeboard tower is easy to install, folds down quickly and comes with a 5-year warranty. It features seamless 2.25inch, 6063 Aircraft aluminum tubing and CNC machined solid 6061 aluminum fittings. All hardware is stainless steel.

7. Reborn Launch Reverse Arch Wakeboard Tower

The Reborn Launch Reverse Arch Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower is a reverse arch/forward-leaning tower. This is a unique feature of this wakeboard tower as most others do not lean forward. It can fit most 18’ – 24’ boats.


This wakeboard tower features a unique forward-leaning design. The tower will fit 78" - 106"- wide boats. The distance from the front to rear feet is 20".


The wakeboard tower is made with seamless 2.25" CNC machined 6063 and 6061 aircraft grade aluminum tubing and aluminum fittings. The hardware is stainless steel.

The wakeboard tower quickly folds down via quick-release knobs and it comes with a built-in adaptor for Reborn Tower rotating swivel racks. The racks are not included.

The tower is easy to install thanks to single bolt feet. The wakeboard comes with instructions but only one person is needed to do the installation.

8. Krypt Towers Indy Liquid Wakeboard Tower

This is a universal tower that fits most boats. This wakeboard tower has been on the market since 2010. Indy developed it to close the gap between universal fit and custom-made OEM factory towers.

This unique wakeboard tower with its universal fitting compliments the lines of your boat, making your boat look brand new.

This custom factory tower adjusts to fit your boat using the specially developed Indy IP2 tower system.  You can rest assured that the best quality materials were used to manufacture the tower.


This wakeboard tower is designed to complement the lines of your boat. The manufacturers used the Indy IP2 tower system and the AU innovative patent rotating mounting deck mounts for this wakeboard.

The wakeboard is finished off with quality black powder-coated steel and there are no exposed bolts.

This is a universal wakeboard tower that will fit boats 17’ – 25’. The distance between the two front feet varies from 67’’ to 102’’. The rear feet are 70’’ to 102’’ wide and the tow point is 55’’ high.


This wakeboard tower features a fully welded, rock-solid double top bar section. The construction is of 6063 seamless, 3mm thick-walled tubing, 6061 solid fittings, and 316 stainless steel bolts and washers.

The tower is easy to install and installation involves no drilling to the top section.

The top-quality deck mounts rotate under pressure to allow the tower to swivel and fold flat.

One person is sufficient to fold the tower, which takes only 60 seconds.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Wakeboard Tower

Best Wakeboard Tower Specifications

OEM or Aftermarket Wakeboard Tower

It always makes sense to purchase an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tower when you buy a new boat.

When you already own a boat and you want to enhance it with a wakeboard tower, there are a few options open to you.

You can consider researching tower manufacturers that will design a tower for the make and model of your boat. This is a good choice because the tower will be custom-made for your boat and fit perfectly.

You can also look into aftermarket towers that can be universal or made to specifically to your boat’s specifications. One of the benefits of custom towers is that they can be made to match your boat’s colors and to fit your boat exactly. Just keep in mind that this takes time and costs money.

On the other hand, universal towers are ready-made and are more affordable. Because a universal tower is not designed to fit your boat’s hull, you must confirm with the manufacturer that it will fit your boat and mount onto it properly.

Whatever tower you decide on, make sure that the tubing is strong and solid.

Folding or Fixed Tower

Whether you buy a folding or fixed tower depends on where you can park your boat. If you have a boathouse that can accommodate your boat with the tower fixed, you don’t need a collapsible tower.

However, if you have a small space to park your boat, you might need a tower that can fold down. If you plan to park your boat in a garage, you can do that if the tower folds down. You’ll be able to move the boat on the trailer and clear the garage door.

Collapsible towers are more expensive, but they are also more convenient.

It’s advisable to watch a video on how to collapse the tower that you’re planning to buy. Before you buy, measure the space where the boat will be standing, and make sure of the measurements of the boat on the trailer with the collapsed tower on it.  

Available Accessories

You can accessorize your wakeboard tower to customize it to your liking and lifestyle.

A full range of accessories would include racks, speakers, lights, and biminis.  You can choose between accessories that attach with a universal clamp that fits with 21⁄4,” tubing, or tower models that come with their own accessories.

It is possible to buy a tower from one company and accessories from other companies, but If you plan to do that, liaise with the manufacturer to make sure that the accessories you buy will fit your tower.

Most boat lovers decide to buy a tower and accessories from one company. Shop around – there are companies that give extra discounts for every accessory you buy.

It’s also advisable to buy your bimini with your tower as a package deal as it is cheaper. Biminis are a great accessory for a boat as they provide much-needed shade on the deck.

When buying a bimini, make sure you invest in one that was made with genuine Sunbrella marine canvas, which is guaranteed not to fade or stain and offers the best UV protection.

Wakeboard Tower Finish

  • Polished Aluminum

Polished aluminum is the most popular with most people. It looks great and it’s easy to keep it looking good. Just take a microfiber cloth and clean water, and wipe it down. Once a year you can use an aluminum polish to restore the high aluminum shine.

  • Powder Coated

Powder coating is also a popular finish for wakeboard towers. This finish is also easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. You can find cleaners and polishes specially developed for this finish on the market. A good cleaning and polish once a year should do the trick.

  • Anodized Aluminum

This is a finish that is ideal for boats that are used in the ocean and other saltwater areas. It has a matte look. For this finish, you need to use special cleaning products and follow specific cleaning steps otherwise you could damage the finish permanently.

  • Anodized Brushed Aluminum

Brushed aluminum is not very practical for a wakeboard tower. The metal scratches easily and it shows. Once they’re there, they’re difficult to remove.

Style of Mounting Feet

When you buy a wakeboard tower to mount on your boat, you have to buy suitable mounting feet. Most mounting feet are made out of solid aluminum and the most useful of them have a pivot feature to enable top, side, or angled mounting.

A correctly-designed foot will ease installation and will prevent damage to the boat’s fiberglass hull. A poorly designed mounting system doesn’t provide enough flexibility and will make your task considerably more difficult.

Some towers use one large bolt for each foot. To distribute the weight of the tower evenly, the bolt must be screwed on tightly.

One solid bolt per foot is enough as more, smaller bolts weaken the integrity of the fiberglass, and increases the likelihood of spider cracking with use over time.

Buying the right type of mounting feet can minimize future damage to your hull, make your installation easier and can stop spider cracking from happening.

Wakeboard Tower Installation

Wakeboard Tower Installation

Most wakeboard towers can be installed within 3 to 5 hours. If you plan to add accessories, it will take 1 - 4 hours longer.

Here are a few notes to help you with your installation.

Consult an installation guide. Installation guides are very useful. You can find installation guides online. Before you make your final decision on what tower to buy, you can have a look at these guidelines to find out how to do the installation. If it looks too difficult, you can try another product without spending a cent.

If the guide is written in poor English, it might be an indication of problematic after-sales service, so take that into consideration.

Make sure you have the right tools. If you are not a handyman, you might not have all the tools you need to install a tower. Keep this in mind, as buying tools to install the tower will add to your costs. At the very least, you would require a power drill and a variety of drill bits.

Find someone to help you. Although this is a DIY project, most people find that they need an extra hand to get the job done, so a family member or friend is part of you the ‘’tools’’ you need to install a wakeboard tower.

Remember backing plates. You need a backing plate kit for older boats that were made with thinner fiberglass or boats that have seen a lot of wear and tear.

A backing plate will help to distribute the pressure of mounting feet on the boat’s hull evenly. These 5” x 8” x ½” thick plates fasten on the inside of the hull and you affix the tower to it. You can make your own backing plate or you can buy them.

If you feel at all unsure about tacking the task, consult the many tutorials available online.

Final Words 

Most wakeboard towers enhance the look of a boat, adding to its streamline design, but they are also a very practical addition to boats.

A wakeboard tower adds so much more to a boat. A well-designed wakeboard enhances the look of a boat, making it look more streamlined and expensive, it facilitates wakeboarding and lets you accessorize your boat with lifestyle-enhancing items like speakers, biminis, and lights.

In this article, we introduced you to the eight best wakeboards currently on the market.

After reviewing these wakeboard boat towers, our top choice for the best wakeboard tower is the Origin OWT-I Advancer Wakeboard Tower. It is beautifully designed and well-constructed with top quality 6063 Aircraft polished aluminum tubing and the fittings made of CNC machined solid 6061 aluminum.

We highly recommend this solid product for your boat and wakeboarding pleasure.

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