10 Best Wakeboards (2021)

Whether you are new to the sport of wakeboarding or have been riding for years, you will need to use the best wakeboard possible.

Given that there are so many choices for wakeboards out on the market, it would be easy to be unsure about which is the right wakeboard for you.

When choosing a wakeboard, you have to know yourself well, including how much experience you have in the sport as well as the size of board that you require.

Consider that there are so many different shapes and features to choose from, do not become overwhelmed with the choices.

To help you decide which is the right wakeboard for you, we have broken down all of the best wakeboards on the market as well as which features you should be looking for in your wakeboard.

This includes the shape, length, and even the choice of rocker. Here’s what you need to know.

10 Best Wakeboards (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Liquid Force Trip

Editor's Choice


139 cm


2. Hyperlite Riot NOVA

High Performance


138 - 141 cm


3. Hyperlite State 2.0

Budget Friendly


125 - 140 cm


4. Ronix Vault Big Kids'

For Kids


128 cm


5. Ronix Signature

For Women


136 cm


6. Slingshot Coalition

Cool Design


141 - 157 cm


7. Ronix District

For Big Guys


150 cm


8. Ronix Vault


134 - 139 cm


9. Connelly Reverb


136 - 141 cm


10. Liquid Force Peak


145 cm


1. Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

Best Wakeboard (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best wakeboard is the Liquid Force Trip wakeboard. This is the latest model of the Trip as well, so you know that it will have all of the best technology that you can get.


Starting with the design of the Liquid Force Trip, the board is made with a removable center fin, so you will be able to adjust the board as needed. This is a nice added bonus for anyone just learning to ride.

It is also made with a diamond bat-tail shape, which will let the water flow around the board seamlessly. The colour scheme of the board is bright as well, so it really will stand out when you are out on a river or lake.


Looking at the performance of this wakeboard, you need to know first that this is a beginning to intermediate level wakeboard. More advanced riders will not want a board that is quite as stable, since it will restrict their ability to perform tricks.

As we mentioned with the design, the center fin can be removed as you advance in your skills, so you will not have to replace it while advancing.

  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker
  • Double Concave V at ends
  • Diamond Bat-Tail Shape
  • DISC Hull with Edge Channels
  • Removable Center Fin
  • A little on the heavy side

2. Hyperlite Riot NOVA Wakeboard

High Performance

If you are looking more for a high performance wakeboard, we suggest the Hyperlite Riot NOVA Wakeboard.

This is the latest model of its kind and it will not disappoint you in any way and it has the features you want.


Starting with the design of the Riot NOVA, it is designed with a variable edge profile. This is a forgiving element between the inserts, allowing the edges to sharpen more toward the tip and the tail of the board.

It also comes with a fully machined NOVA core, which is how this is one of the lightest boards that you will find on the market.


Looking at the performance for the Riot NOVA, it is first important to note that It is a mid-flex wakeboard.

That means that it is for riders who have some experience out on the wakes, but who do not want a completely stiff board, so it can work across all ability levels.

The performance is also enhanced by the abrupt continuous rocker. This will give you the power that you have been looking for in your wakeboard. It transitions from a slightly exaggerated tip and tail so you will get a little extra pop as you are catching some air.

  • Abrupt continuous rocker
  • Mid-Flex
  • Two-Stage Channel
  • Fully Machined NOVA core
  • Variable Edge profile
  • We didn’t find any

3. Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

Budget Friendly

It is a common consideration for many riders out there. The desire to have a quality wakeboard without forking out a fortune is not too much to ask for.

We suggest the Hyperlite State 2.0 as the perfect wakeboard for anyone working within a budget.


The design of the State 2.0 includes an asymmetrical design. This means that the toe-side edge is shorter and there is a thin molded-in fin.

That way, the board is easy to grow with as you advance in your wakeboarding abilities. The core is a Biolite 3 Core, which has been the gold standard in the wakeboard industry, because it is incredibly lightweight and durable.


The performance level for this wakeboard is beginner to intermediate. It comes with two fins that are molded in.

This means that they cannot be removed or replaced, so the board will not grow with your abilities. It does have an abrupt continuous rocker that will help you get a little bit of a pop off your jumps.

The material used in the board also helps to keep it incredibly lightweight, giving you a nice, easy ride that will not require too much effort on your part.

  • Molded in fins
  • Monocoque Construction
  • Layered Glass laminate
  • Biolite 3 Core
  • Abrupt Continuous rocker
  • The board will not grow with your skills

4. Ronix Vault Kids' Wakeboard

For Kids

Even the youngest wakeboarders out there need to have a high quality wakeboard. For big kids, the best wakeboard that we found was the Ronix Vault wakeboard. This has the latest wakeboarding technology within it and will perform well.


The design of the Vault includes a Grom Glass laminate. This is a softer king of fiberglass that will help lighter-weight riders have an easier time.

The rail is a fuller vertical heelside rail with a thinner and shaper toeside rail, helping with the balance of the rider.

It has a thin profile as well as two fiberglass, molded-in fins that will not weigh the board down in any way. The core material is also foam, which means that the board will easily stay afloat while still staying light.


Looking at the performance for the Ronix Vault, you will first need to realize that the board is made for beginner to intermediate riders.

This is supported by the 3-stage rocker type as well, which does not work for more advanced riders.

The performance is further improved upon with the M6 inserts that have a higher thread county. This will give you a better board feel while maintaining a thinner profile.

  • Grom Glass
  • Thin Profile
  • Sharp Toeside Rail
  • M6 inserts
  • Foam core

5. Ronix Signature Wakeboard Women’s

For Women

Not all wakeboards are unisex. Sometimes it is better to have a wakeboard that is designed especially for women. The best women wakeboard is the Ronix Signature Women’s wakeboard.


The Signature wakeboard has been designed with G&R technology. This means “grip and release” channels that will have the perfect amount of traction without causing any resistance with the water.

The board also has a concave bottom to help the water glide away from the board. The M6 inserts have a better threat count, so you will have a better hold on a shallower depth, giving you excellent board feel.

It comes with four fiberglass ramp fins that will add to the stability of the board itself. The design really is made to support women by being comfortable and the right size for a woman, but still just as strong as any other wakeboard out on the market. The foam core also helps keep the board as light as possible.


The Signature might have a 3-stage rocker, but it is really made for intermediate to advanced wakeboarders.

This is not the type of wakeboards that you should start off with. The board itself has an excellent pop when you are trying to catch air.

  • 4 Fins
  • M6 inserts
  • Concave bottom
  • Secret Flex
  • G&R Technology
  • We didn’t find any

6. Slingshot Coalition Wakeboard

Cool Design

Why shouldn’t you want a wakeboard that has a cool design? It is one of the most appealing design features of a wakeboard, after all. Our choice for the coolest wakeboard design is the Slingshot Coalition wakeboard.


As the design is the key selling point of this wakeboard, let’s start there. The print on the board is completely unique.

It features a kraken at the bottom of the sea with pyramids and a boat right above him. It is very fun to look at and will be even more fun to show off when the time comes. The artwork is truly unique and excellent.

Another design element that you will find with this board is the atomic wood core. This is a vertically laminated core that will give you the flex that you want and the buoyancy that you need.

The board is designed a little large, however, so it will fit bigger riders well, but might not work well for smaller riders.


The wakeboard is made for an intermediate to advanced rider. This is supported by the three-staged hybrid rocker that will help to give you the right amount of pop without making the move more challenging on you.

  • Unique artwork
  • Hybrid Rocker Profile
  • Rebounding Flex
  • Slingshot Fusion Sidewall
  • Atomic wood core
  • Too big for lighter riders

7. Ronix District Wakeboard

For Big Guys

It is so important that you have a wakeboard that will fit you well. If you are looking for a wakeboard for larger riders, we recommend the Ronix District wakeboard. This is a high quality board that will support your weight well.


The District wakeboard has a fiberglass and foam core called a Modello Core. This will help keep the board afloat and as light as possible. The board also has M6 inserts which means that there is a higher thread count. You will get a better hold on a shallower depth, which will give you an overall better board feel.

The board comes with four fiberglass ramp fins. These will really help give you a pop when you catch air, but the side fins do take some practice to get used to.


The District wake board has a flex rating of 5, which puts it perfectly in the middle as far as flexes go. It is best suited for intermediate to advanced riders. It also uses a hybrid rocker which will give you the amount of power that you will be looking for from a wakeboard. This is best for universal riding styles as well.

  • Hybrid rocker
  • New Thinner Profile
  • G&R technology
  • Modello-core
  • Variable rail
  • The side fins take a little bit of practice to get used to

8. Ronix Vault Wakeboard

While we looked at the Vault for children above, we are also recommending the adult version of the board. The board is excellent quality and a great performance level for beginning riders who are really just starting.


The design of the Vault includes two fiberglass fins. These will help you learn balance and control as you work on your riding skills, but they cannot be removed if you advance to the point of wanting to change them out for something else. The fins are part of the board.

The board also has the M6 inserts, which gives you better holding power on your board, without feeling like your feet are stuck on it. The base is a low friction base, which will help you glide easily across the wake.


The performance level of the Vault board is at a beginning to intermediate level. The board has a flex rating of 4, so it is on the lighter side as far as flex goes.

The board has a 3-stage rocker type as well, so it has a more explosive pop, coming from the later arc. You will wind up with a huge pop off of a wake whenever you need one.

  • G&R Technology
  • Asymmetrical Rails
  • 2 Molded-in Fins
  • M6 Inserts
  • Low Friction Base
  • The molded fins cannot be removed as your skills improve

9. Connelly Reverb Wakeboard

The Connelly Reverb Wakeboard 2021 is definitely a contender in the run for the top rated wakeboard. The board comes with a lot of excellent design features to help you improve your skills.


The design for the Connelly Reverb includes a deep center channel. This is in place to give you better overall control out on the wake. The base itself is a Smorg-laminated Nexus shell.

This means the base comes with UV protection while still managing to be lightweight and durable. The full spine of the board will help to displace water at the toe, so you will be able to ride as smoothly as possible without losing out on speed.


Moving onto the performance of the Reverb, it is important to note that the board is best-used by intermediate to advanced wakeboarders who are looking for a supportive board to help them through tricks.

The foam core of the board also helps it to be lightweight and to stay afloat as much as possible. The System 80 Core on the inside of the board has a very light density, so you will not be slowed down by the weight of the board at all.

  • Deep Center Channel for Control
  • System 80 Core
  • Smorg-Laminated Nexus Shell
  • Full spine
  • Foam core
  • We didn’t find any

10. Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard

The last wakeboard that we will recommend is the Liquid Force Peak wakeboard. This is a wakeboard that has a fun design but also comes with all of the latest technological advancements that you might want.


The artwork on the Peak board is interesting to look at, but the best design features have less to do with the appearance of the board. The internal core of the board is a Paulownia Wood that will give you an excellent mixture of flex, strength, and rebound.

One of the most interesting design elements is that the board is entirely finless. Fins will naturally help you get through the water without trouble, so without them, you might find yourself in trouble if you have not learned how to balance on a board properly.


This is a high performance board and it is intended for the use of advanced to expert riders. Beginning riders would struggle with this board a great deal, so should not start out with this one. The flex rating on this board is a 6, placing it on the stiffer side of the spectrum.

  • Fiberglass and wood core
  • Park riding style
  • Three-stage Hybrid riding in style
  • Flextrack Mount pattern
  • Liquid Rail
  • The finless design is bound to trip people up

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Wakeboard

Wakeboard Specifications

Wakeboard Length & Size

The first consideration is the size and length of the wakeboard. The heavier the rider, the longer you will want the wakeboard to be.

For a rider who weighs between 90 and 150 pounds, you will likely need a wakeboard that is between 130 and 134 centimetres. A rider between 130 and 180 pounds would want a wakeboard between 135 and 139 centimetres, while a rider between 170 and 250 pounds might opt for a board around 140 centimetres in length.

The sizes continue to go up, with riders over 200 pounds needing a wakeboard that is more than 144 centimetres in length.

Ability Level

There are different types of wakeboards to support different ability levels. In general, anyone could ride any shape as long as the size is right size. Normally, beginning to intermediate riders will look for a 3-stage rocker that is more forgiving when going over wakes, while the more advanced riders will want aggressive continuous rockers.

Beginning riders will also want a board that is more forgiving, allowing them to master their skills. Advanced riders will want a stiff board that will give them height and speed that is needed to pull off spins and tricks.

Wakeboard Rocker

There are four types of wakeboard rockers: continuous, 3-stage, camber, and hybrid rockers.

  • 3-stage rockers are a little on the clunky side and will help you clear a wake, but they do give less control to the rider.
  • The continuous rockers will give you a fast and smooth ride. Their sleek shape lets the water run off without any trouble.
  • A camber rocker has two surface points that help with stability and control, but they do not offer as much clearance height.
  • The last is the hybrid rockers that will vary, but will be some combination of the other types of rockers.

Wakeboard Base Shapes

Wakeboards offer a lot of variety when it comes to their base shapes. There are several varieties, including the following:

  • Concave shapes have small indentations on the bottom of the board that will help you make higher jumps and glide across the water more effortlessly.
  • Channels lessen the impact of the board on water, because of the small fins on the bottom of the board.
  • V-shape spines are typically added to 3-stage rockers to help soften the landing after going off of a wake. They will help the board roll smoothly from edge to edge.
  • Featureless boards do not come with any fins or channels, putting all of the work of the sport onto the rider. This is not a great choice for beginners.
  • Grind base boards are heavy duty and are only used by riders who are going to regularly go off metal or rough surfaces that might break down another board. 


Fins are used on wakeboards to help give you better grip and stability. Longer fins help give you more contact with the water, but will also make it harder to catch any air.

Molded fins are usually more durable and will hold up better, but if they are damaged, they cannot be removed or replaced. The whole board would have to be replaced.

Removable fins can be changed out. They also can be removed as your skills improve, since more advanced riders will not want much in the way of fins and would want to switch to smaller fins.

Benefits Of A Shorter Wakeboard

While the length of your wakeboard can depend greatly on your size, there are other considerations to make. Shorter wakeboards are easier to manoeuvre and much easier to use to pull off tricks.

But, they do require more energy from the rider to get through the water in order to do those tricks. Landings are also harder with these wakeboards, since you have to be careful about where the nose is headed so it doesn’t dig into the water.

Benefits Of A Longer Wakeboard

Meanwhile, longer wakeboards are much easier to learn to wakeboard with. This is because they have a solid boost-off-the-wake feel to them. They are normally heavier than short boards, which is partly why it is harder to catch air with them.

But you will have more control over the board. They move much easier through the water as well, requiring little energy from the rider to propel them forward. They also are much easier to land.

Best Wakeboard Brands

Best Wakeboard Brands

Liquid Force

Liquid Force is one of the best-known wakeboard manufacturers in the world. They make all kinds of wakeboard products, from clothes and accessories to the boards and wakeboard ropes. They specified in twin-tip wakeboards, but also make lightweight and hybrid wakeboards.

Their products aim for speed as well as durability. Twin-top boards by Liquid Force were the first to have you ride with your right foot forward, changing the sport for many riders out there.


Ronix is definitely one of the leading brands for wakeboards, bindings, and other products. They are known for their continued innovations and their appealing style.

Their gear is made to the point of perfection, encompassing comfort as well as the most advanced technology that you can get from a wakeboard. They strive to offer a customized fit, meeting the needs of men, women, and children as well as working for all levels of riders.


Hyperlite might be the most famous wakeboard brand out there. Their products have been trusted for years and are known to be reliable. Even pro athletes like Rusty Malinoski rely on Hyperlite.

They are known for their neutral buoyancy as well as their compression-molded design. They are slender like slalom skis, which helps give them a softer landing than other brands. They are incredibly light wakeboards, which is where the name comes from.


Slingshot is one of the newer brands in the industry, though even then, they have been around for twenty years. They specialize in outdoor water sport equipment, which includes wakeboards and some of the best wakesurf boards on the market.

Their boards have an artistic element to them, making them appealing as well as unique. This works well for riders who like to have boards that are more eye-catching and represent your personality better. Slingshot really believes in constant innovation and technological advancement.


Connelly really made a name for itself in the world of skiing, but it has not disappointed in wakeboarding either. Connelly is parted with another brand called CWM Board Co.

Together, they have built some of the closest-celled foam boards that are out on the market. They are cut from an advanced grid system and they are uniformly stylish as well as durable. They make boards for all levels of riders as well as all ages.

Final Words

While there are certainly a lot of great wakeboards out on the market, our choice for the best wakeboard is the Liquid Force Trip. This is a durable wakeboard that should give you an excellent amount of control. It is also nice that you can take off the fin as you grow in your skills.

The Liquid Force Trip is not for elite riders, however. If you are in the market for something more aggressive, we found the winner to be the Hyperlite Riot NOVA wakeboard.

Regardless, when you are shopping for the perfect wakeboard for you, you need one that matches your size as well as your ability level.

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