10 Best Wakesurf Boards (2021)

Whether you have been doing the sport of wakesurfing for years or are just starting it would, you need to make sure that you are using only the best wakesurf board possible.

Your performance level will be vastly improved by having the right board and you will have a better time out on the water when your board will work for you instead of against you.

There are some choices here, however, which might feel overwhelming for some. After all, what makes up the best wakesurf board?

You will need to think carefully about your skill level, your needs, and even how many times you have been out on the water.

Since there are so many choices in design and abilities, we have broken down the top-of-the-line wakesurf boards for you, helping you to see what the benefits of each wakesurf board is and what you really should know about one before you buy.

10 Best Wakesurf Boards (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Ronix Thrasher

Editor's Choice




2. Liquid Force Bonzer Bat

High Performance




3. Slingshot Butter Bar

Budget Friendly


4'4" - 4'8"


4. Ronix Odyssey

For Kids




5. Ronix Carbon Air Core 3

For Women




6. Doomswell Neo

For Big Guys


4'8" - 5'2"


7. Liquid Force Sting


4'4" - 5'0"


8. Ronix Sprocket


4'3" - 4'7"


9. Phase Five Ahi


5'3" - 5'8"


10. Ronix Carbon Skimmer




1. Ronix Marsh Mellow Thrasher Wakesurf Board

Best Wakesurf Boards (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best wakesurf board is the Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher wakesurf board. This board really is the best of speed and performance.


The Thrasher wakesurf board was made with a Marsh “Mellow” core, which means that it has been slow roasted to give you a nice, soft top exterior. It is designed to be durable as well, so it should hold up to whatever wear and tear that you throw at it.

Its design also includes an EVA front pad with a concave and a read pod with a tall tail kick that have both been built by a machine.


Looking at the features for this wakesurf board, it is important to know that it is made with a classic or traditional wakesurf feel. That means that the board is neither thick nor thick. It will give you better feel as a result, making it easy to manoeuvre well on the water.

The fins of the board are 2.9 inch polycarbonate for two of the fins and then a 2.3 inch polycarbonate single fin. It is important to note that the company does not recommend you store this board on board racks as it might damage it.

  • Robot-built core
  • Hard rail for speed
  • Classic feel
  • Compression molded construction
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • We didn’t find any

2. Liquid Force Bonzer Bat Wakesurf Board

High Performance

If you were hoping more for a high performance wakesurf board, you need to look at the Liquid Force Bonzer Bat wakesurf board.


Looking at the design features of the Bonzer wakesurf board, the first thing is that it has a bat tail shape, which is unusual.

It does have a double concave hull that will funnel the water out of the corners for the bat tail. As a result, you will have better manoeuvrability, especially due to its thin width. It does have a tri fin as well, with angled, stubby fins with the center fin.


The features for the Bonzer wakesurf board includes the fact that it has a double concave VenturiBonxer Hull, which will increase your overall speed in the water and make cutting through it easier than you might imagine.

They also suggest not placing this board on a board rack since this can harm the integrity of the board itself and cause you a lot of trouble.

The board is best-suited for intermediate to advanced riders who are not just starting to get their feet wet. This is a board for those who have the needed experience.

  • Bat tail
  • Tri fin
  • Double Concave Venturi Hull
  • EPS Foam
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Bat tail shape is uncommon and will require a learning curve

3. Slingshot Butter Bar Wakesurf Board

Budget Friendly

If you are looking more for a budget friendly wakesurf board, we recommend the Slingshot Butter Bar wakesurf board.

This board still offers good performance and the features you need to really ride if you are a beginning to intermediate rider.


The design of the Butter Bar includes a pin tail design. This has a more traditional surfboard shape, making it easy to make tight turns and to carve aggressively if that is what you would like to do.

It also has a customizable G10 Tri-Fin, so you will be able to change out the size of the fins to better suit your needs. It also has an EVA deck pad to help keep you above water by adding some buoyancy to your board.


One of the best features that you will get with this wakesurf board is the double concave hull. This will create traction for you, but will not interfere with your speed at all.

It also has dual cupped rail channels that are located on the toe and the heel rails. This will give you a little bit extra bite when you are riding a wave.

  • Customizable G10 Tri-Fin
  • Mild Nose Rocker
  • Double Concave Hull
  • Dual Cupped Rail Channels
  • EVA Deck Pad
  • This board will not grow with you as your skills develop

4. Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey Wakesurf Board

For Kids

If you are looking for the perfect wakesurf board for kids, we suggest the Ronix Super Sonic Odyssey Skimmer board.


The design of the Super Sonic Space Odyssey board includes a skimmer shape. This is designed to give the rider a better feel for the water, making it more like a wakeskate.

There is a reduction of speed as a result, but there is still a natural grip at play, which is especially nice as there are only shallow fins.


The board comes with one 2.3 inch fiberglass fin and two 1.5 inch fiberglass fins. There is also a hard rail, which is designed to help with high speed carves and to bury the rail well within the water.

The features also include a machined EVA front pad with a concave and a machined EVA rear pad with an extra tall tail kick. The board also has a high temperature resin that is used on all of the Ronix boards. That way, the board will be able to easily handle anything that nature might throw at it.

  • EVA front pad with concave
  • EVA rear pad with extra tall tail kick
  • Hard rail for high speed carves
  • 3 shallow fins
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Does not give you a lot of speed

5. Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Wakesurf Board

For Women

If you are looking more for a board that has been made for women especially, we suggest the Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 wakesurf board.

This has been made to accommodate the needs of a woman’s body, giving you more control out on the waves. The Carbon Air Core 3 board is ideal for advanced to expert-level riders.


The board is made to support weight up to 165 pounds. It is a skim style as well with a carbon fiber and foam core.

There is one 2.5 inch fiberglass symmetric fin. The board also has air vents inserted in an EVA Tail Wedge that will help keep the board afloat. It has a hard rail as well for high speed curves.


One of the best features that you will get from this board is the super thin profile with a carbon layup. This way, you will get more torsional stiffness with an excellent response and a better overall feel of the water.

What is more interesting about this board is that it has arch support and an extra tall tail wedge, making it very comfortable to use, which is definitely not something you can say about everything.

  • Carbon layup
  • Excellent water feel
  • Sharp response
  • Hard rail
  • Air vents in the tail wedge
  • We didn’t find any

6. Doomswell Neo Wakesurf Board

Wakesurf Board For Big Guys

There are some size and weight limits on some wakesurf boards as well, so if you are a bigger guy, you might want a different board.

Our recommendation for the best wakesurf board for Big Guys is the Doomswell Neo wakesurf board. The 5 foot 2 inch size of board can support riders up to 300 pounds.


The Neo has been designed with an epoxy fiberglass skin that will give you a strong and a flexible shell. It also has an ultralight weight EPS foam core.

That will help keep the stiffness and the structural integrity of the board intact. The core also has been wrapped in bamboo and carbon, which makes the board even stronger. The board’s style is a hybrid-surf design as well.


The Neo comes with a lot of great features, including the Vector Net Aramid Kevlar construction. That will give you a better tensile strength so the board will really be able to hold up anyone who rides it.

The board also features Futures Thermocore F3 Front Fins that will give you loose and radical surfing if that is something that you are looking for. This board is most appropriate for intermediate to advanced riders.

  • Bamboo/Carbon Fiber wrapped Core
  • Ultralight weight foam core
  • Thermocore Front fins
  • Great for high-speed manoeuvres
  • Vector Net Aramid
  • We didn’t find any

7Liquid Force Sting Wakesurf Board

Another high quality board is the Liquid Force Sting wakesurf board. This board is great for fast movements when you are really trying to have a tight turn and good control over your board. This is best-suited for intermediate to advanced riders.


The design of the board includes a single concave hull with quad channels. These are there to help the water flow around the board and ensure that you will not lose out on speed in the process of making any hard turns.

This is a surf style board with a squash tail. The squash tail type is the most versatile type of tail that you can get.


One of the best features that you will get from this board is the fiberglass hand lamination. That way, you will have a nice finish on the board and do not have to worry about the exterior becoming damaged while you are out on the water.

You will still need to be careful about the care of your board, but in general it should not be damaged when you are simply using it.

  • EPS Foam Core with Skim Stringer
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination
  • Carbon Bottom Tape
  • Single Concave Hull with Quad Channels
  • Thruster Fins

8. Ronix Air Core 3 Sprocket Wakesurf Board

This board really requires you to have a good sense of the sport, and is most appropriate for intermediate and advanced riders. You really need to have a reliable sense of balance on this one, or it will never work out.


The design of the board includes three fiberglass fins. One fin is 3.5 inches while two other fins are asymmetrical and 4 inches in height.

The tool-less design means that you can easily change out your fins in a matter of a few seconds, without any trouble. This has a skimmer style as well, which will give you excellent momentum and feel of the water.


The feature that is always found with a Ronix board is the liquid lava high temperature surf resin.

This gives you a really nice finish that will hold off anything that Mother Nature might try to throw at you while you are out on the water. The board comes with both front and rear wax mat cush pads as well, making the board very comfortable to use.

  • Compression Molded Air Core 3 Construction
  • Hard Rail
  • Fiberglass fins
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Front and Rear Wax Mat Cush Pads
  • You need some experience because it requires a great sense of balance

9. Phase Five Ahi Wakesurf Board

The Phase Five Ahi wakesurf board is another great option if you are a highly experienced rider.

This board is most appropriate for advanced to expert- level riders, but anything less than that would have a hard time with the board.


The design of the Ahi board includes a quad surf set. This means that there are four fins on the board, all of which are the same size. They are 3.7 inches on a 53-inch board and 4.3 inches on a 58-inch board.

The board also has a reflex speedrail as well. The foam core material will also help to keep you afloat on the water, giving you a little bit more boost. The board is a surf style as well, which is a more classic design choice.


The board has a high response with a medium board stability rating. That means that the board is really responsive to your movements and a big reason why this board is really only appropriate for the most experienced riders out on the water. It also has FLEXtec V2 Lamination to help keep the board up and going.

  • Foam core material
  • Quad Surf Set
  • Directional Cruiser
  • Medium Stability
  • Reflex Speedrail
  • Hard to balance with 

10. Ronix Air Core 3 Skimmer Wakesurf Board

The last board that we are going to look at is the Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Skimmer wakesurf board. This board is most appropriate for intermediate to advanced riders.


The first design element to look at is the Ronix Liquid Lava High Temperature Surf Resin that is there to prevent the board from falling to pieces from the salt or debris in the water. The design also has a hard rail that is designed for high-speed carves.

The board style of this board is a skim as well, which means that it is less buoyant than some of the other boards that we have looked at. The core material is carbon fiber and foam, which means the board will be able to hold you up when you need it to.


The features of this board include air vents that have been inserted in EVA Tail Wedge. That will help keep the board afloat as well.

It has a tool-less design for changing out the fins as well, so it will be really easy to do if you wanted to. It has one 2.5 inch symmetric fiberglass fin to work with as well as two additional fins that can be changed out as needed.

  • Molded Air Core 3 Construction
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Hard Rail
  • Tool-less Design
  • Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge
  • Not very buoyant

Different Shapes Of Wakesurf Boards

Wakesurf Board Shapes

Surf Shape Wakesurf Boards

The first shape of a wakesurf board that we will look at is the surf shape. This shape is similar to a surf shortboard, since it has a directional shape as well as a square tail or a fishtail.

They are typically the largest shape in both volume and size, which will help keep you moving fast and will also help keep the boards afloat on the surface of the water.

Since they have a lot of fin choices, riders needing an on-water feel to help generate power might prefer this shape of board.

Skim Shape Wakesurf Boards

Another common shape of a wakesurf board is a skim shape wakesurf board. These are smaller than the surf shape boards and they are also less buoyant.

Typically, these boards are meant to have a little more fun with movement in the water as they will allow you to turn, spin, slide, and move in just about any direction that you can imagine, so long as you are not intending to stay completely straight. They do not have as much on the bottom and generally have smaller fins that other boards do as well.

Hybrid Shape Wakesurf Boards

The final shape of a wakesurf board that we will look at is the hybrid shape wakesurf board. The name really says it all. This board is a mixture of the skim and the surf shaped wakesurf boards.

Since they are hybrid, there are a few different combinations that might be at play, but there are a couple that are more common than others. You will often see skim shape boards with surf shape fins, meaning that the fins are larger. Likewise, you might find a larger, surf shaped board that has the smaller skim fins on it.

Choosing The Right Size Wakesurf Board

There are a lot of different elements involved when it comes to finding the right wakesurf board, which includes whether you have found the right size. Wakesurf boards are measured using feet and inches. While there are not perfect recommendations, there are some guidelines that you might want to follow.

Generally, children will stick with a wakesurf board that is under 4 feet long. Meanwhile, an adult between 100 and 170 pounds will want to look for a board that is between 4 feet and 4 feet, 8 inches long. The length will vary depending on the shape that you are working with as well.

Smaller wakesurf boards are easier to move around on the water and will have great speeds on the waves. Riders who are lightweight will work well with smaller boards. Larger riders who like smaller boards are normally more experienced. Bigger wakesruf boards have a bigger area and therefore float better. This is a good choice for heavy riders or those that are just getting into the sport.

Factors To Consider When Searching For The Best Wakesurf Board

Wakesurf Board Specifications


The rocker is the curve of the wakesurf board on the bottom. It will determine how your board moves and how it performs on the water. The lighter the rocker, the faster you will be able to go.

The heavier the rocker, the slower you will be, but you will also be more stable. Heavy rockers will sit in the water lower. Beginners should opt for a heavier rocker until they get the hang of it.


The base of the wakesurf board can be concave, smooth, channeled, or v-spine. Concave bases are better for doing moves out on the water, since they will be easier to pop and better at giving you a higher ride than other bases are. Concave bases are round.


There are several tail choices for your wakesurf board, including:

  • Squash Tail: The most common and versatile tail type
  • Pin Tail: Good for big waves
  • Diamond Tail: Mix of both the squash and the pin tail for speed and manoeuvrability
  • Square Tail: Good for speed
  • Swallow Tail: Mix of both the pin and the square tail, making it ideal for moderate waves
  • Round Tail: Nice choice for a variety of wave conditions
  • Half Moon Tail: Uncommon design with only a little bit of board area, but easy to turn
  • Bat Tail: Uncommon design with a wide tail that makes the board stable


On a wakesurf board, the rail is the edge of the board. There are a couple of shapes and designs for the rails, each of which affects the way that the board moves through the water as well as your speed.

The thinner rails have a better chance of biting into the wave, which means that you will have more precise turning. They are generally much less forgiving then the thicker rails are.


Wakesurf boards have fin systems that can come with a variety of fins, depending on your skill level and your need. Single fins are more like a rudder of a boat and will keep the board straight. With two fins, you will get more control in the water.

Three will increase your speed. When you have any more than that, you will have more drag, but you will also be able to go over waves without getting knocked off.

What's The Difference Between Wakeboards And Wakesurf Boards?

There are many differences between a wakeboard and a wakesurf board. Wakeboards are often symmetrical and have larger fins to help keep you stable at high speed. They are made for doing tricks like spins, surface tricks, and air tricks.

Meanwhile, wakesurf boards are directional and better resemble surfboards. Wakeboards will also have a binding and boots and a wakesurf board does not require those, because it is a different sport. Wakesurf boars will instead have a traction pad on the board to help your bare feet get a grip on the board, allowing you to stand on it like you would a surfboard.

In wakeboarding, you hold a rope and are connected to a boat the entire time, so you need a board that will accommodate that. With wakesurfing, the boat will get you started, but you will then let go. The boards are not interchangeable.

How To Clean And Store Your Wakesurf Board

Cleaning your wakesurf board is incredibly important and you must do it after each use. It is easy to clean. All you have to do is rinse it with warm water to remove any sand or other debris that has been building on the crevices during your ride.

Once it is rinse off, you will want to dry it off completely before you store it or it might become moldy. If it is really dirty, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the board down and can use mild soapy water to really remove anything that just won’t rinse off. Otherwise, you run the risk of delaminating your board.

Final Words 

When it comes to choosing the best wakesurf board, there are so many great choices that it can be hard to crown a winner. That said, we still have found our favourite.

Our winner is the Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher wakesurf board. The Thrasher really manages to blend the need for a soft and smooth ride with the need to shred the waves as you would want to. It will take your wakesurfing game up to the next level.

If you are hoping more for a high performance wakesurf board, we recommend the Liquid Force Bonzer Bat wakesurf board. This board is really made to give you the most powerful speeds and hardest turning possible, giving you the best performance level that you can expect.

Since wakesurf boards come in so many varieties, you really need to think about your needs before you settle on one board over another.

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