10 Best Water Skis (2021) – Combo & Slalom Water Skis

Riding on the water can be fun and exciting. It is even better when you are using one of the best water skis. 

It is a great summer activity that makes you get more out of a day on the beach. It can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

That is why it has gained popularity over time, and more people are into it today. One thing that can make you enjoy this sport better is using the right equipment.

Are you a new water skier or an old one who is tired of renting skis? Or are you looking for a new water ski that will be fun and easy to use?

10 Best Water Skis (2021)


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1. Obrien Relay Water Skis

Editor's Choice




2. Radar Alloy Senate

High Performance




3. HO Burner Water Skis

Budget Friendly




4. Connelly Aspect

For Women




5. Connelly Cadet

For Kids




6. Radar Terrain




7. Connelly V Slalom Skis




8. Radar Union Water Skis




9. Connelly Men's Aspect




10. Connelly HP Water Skis




1. Obrien Relay Water Skis

Best Water Skis (Editor's Choice)

The Obrien brand makes high-quality equipment for all kinds of water sports and activities, including water skiing.

Their experience in other water sports equipment has enabled them to create these best water skis for beginning and older skiers. If you are looking for new water ski, this is a great option to consider.


Obrien Relay has a unique forebody and pronounced rocker shape. This allows the rider to have a smooth ride with easier turns and maneuvering. It also increases the drag of the ski.

It has a narrow tunnel, allowing the ski to gain speed and make turns and bends easily.


It has two types of binding, which are division and titan binding. This secures the riders' feet to the ski and allows stability and comfort through the ride's duration.

Its insight wings allow smooth sliding throughout the ride. This ski is great for advanced and professional water skiers.

  • Pronounced rocker shape for smooth rides
  • Easier turns
  • It is a fast ski
  • Ensures a smooth ride
  • Great for professionals
  • New skiers may not do well on this ski

2. Radar Alloy Senate Slalom Skis

High Performance

Rader prides itself in creating the finest water skis. If you love to ski or are considering buying a water ski, Rader is a good option because their skis are designed and made by skiers.

The design of this Radar Alloy ski and its performance makes it a perfect option for skiers of different levels.


The design and shape of this ski make it an excellent choice for skiers. The tip rocker starts directly at the base of the flat spot. The addition of more rocker tips allows for the rider more stability. There is also enough flat spot that gives you enough space to stand on the board and remain balanced.

It has straight lines at the sides that make the ski super fast and gives the rider a more enjoyable ride.


This ski is made out of carbon fiber that gives the rider consistent flex all the time. There is also an NFC chip that allows the owner to have every information on their ski on their phone.

Skiers of all levels and skills can use it.

  • Can be used by all level skiers
  • NFC chip to enable tracking of ski
  • Made of durable material
  • Superfast
  • Stable riding platform
  • It is a high-speed ski

3. HO Burner Water Skis

Budget Friendly

The HO Burner is made to give the rider a lot of stability and comfort through the ride while making it fun. This is also an excellent ski for riders who just want to take it slow and have a relaxing time on the water.

They are made in the perfect shape and equipped appropriately to make riding more comfortable and more pleasurable for the rider.


This ski is made in an oversized shape that makes starting and skiing at a low speed very easy. It is, therefore, a very appropriate tool for new skiers.

The bottom is V-shaped, enabling the rider to get easy stability, remain comfortable throughout the ride and make effortless cuts and tricks on the ski.


The bindings are adjustable, making them compatible for riders with different foot sizes. Riders with wide feet are encouraged to purchase this ski.

They also come with a free instructional video, teaching a new skier how to ski and get better at the sport.

  • Comfortable and stable
  • Slower speed for new riders
  • Adjustable bindings for users with different feet size
  • Free instructional video
  • Allows you to make effortless cuts on the water
  • Might be too slow for some professional riders

4. Connelly Women's Aspect Water Skis

For Women

If you like nice things, then the Connelly is for you. This is a water ski, made for the ladies, that is known to give riders easy and nimble turning.

It is made in a pretty feminine design to attract female riders. It is also lightweight.  This is one water ski that can make you feel like a pro, even if you are just a beginner.


This water ski is contoured in the right length, width, and shape to keep the rider comfortable and achieving many tricks.

It also has a concave feature that runs from the top to the middle of the ski. This allows it to dig deeper into the water and gives it better edge hold.

The design of this ski makes it stable. You will hardly have to worry about falling while you are riding on it.


This ski is equipped with v-shaped fins that regulate the flow of water on the ski base. It helps to reduce the amount of water that stays on the ski as you ride, making the ride smoother and better.

It has comfortable swerve bindings that come with laces to secure your foot to the ski and keep you from slipping all through your ride.

This variation is suitable for women who are learners and intermediate water skiers.

  • It is equipped with a V-shaped fin to keep less water on the ski
  • Haas a superb edge hold
  • Swerve binding with lace-up closure
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Professionals may consider it too slow

5. Connelly Cadet Water Skis

For Kids

One benefit of water skiing is that children can do it too. It is safe and comfortable for the younger ones. You and your entire family can have a day out in the sun, water skiing together, and having fun.

Connelly Cadet water ski is designed exclusively for the younger ones. If you want to buy a water ski for your child, this is one of the ideal water skis options to pick from.


The design is attractive to children. It has a subtle spine feature on the ski's tip to keep it straight when skiing in deeper waters.

There is also the child slide adjustable bindings that make your child's feet secured and in place all through their skiing activity.


Connelly has taken extra care to ensure that this ski is safe for your young ones. There is a stabilizer bar in front with a direct rope attachment so that their grip stays strong all through the ride.

This rope also helps the adults control the pull, guaranteeing extra safety for the child.

This ski is made of composite materials and can be used by beginners and intermediate skiers.

  • Suitable for children
  • Includes a child slide adjustable binding
  • Stabilizer bar
  • Adults can control rope pull
  • Beginners can use this water ski
  • It is too small for adults

6. Radar Terrain Slalom Skis

This Radar Terrain ski makes you feel like a pro, even if it is just your first time on a ski. The design is sophisticated, with the needs of the skier being put into considerations.

This ski can quickly become your best friend.


It has angle rails that force water to the middle of the ski,  increasing the lift and reducing the drag of the ski. You will enjoy effortless turnings on this ski.

The straight lines at the edges of this ski will let the skier ride on open waters with ease, delivering a fantastic riding experience.


This ski has two types of bindings, meaning you can pick the one most comfortable for you and begin your ride.

There is also the NFC enable chip to make it easier for the owner to get more information about their ski and even track it when necessary.

It is made of 100% carbon fiber that guarantees you consistent flex every time.

  • Its straight lines give you a smoother and faster ride
  • It includes two options of bindings
  • NFC Chip to help the rider get more information about their ski
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Grip rails allow you ease of turning
  • Some riders may consider it too fast

7. Connelly V Slalom Water Skis

Connelly appears again in this article because they have various options for riders of different levels and skills. You can always find the perfect kind of ski for you from Connelly.

This is a high-performance water ski that is a great option for professionals and experienced skiers. If you are ready to throw out your old ski and consider a better option, this could be an excellent choice for you.


Connelly has advanced technology, giving this ski a great contour to provide the rider with an exceptional flex while riding.

It has a wide tunnel that gives ridder stability and balance while riding on the water. There is also an RTP (reflex toe plat) bindings that have a Velcro strap, allowing the skier to adjust the tightness of the bindings to fit them.


This ski has V-shaped fins that can help you maneuver your ski anyhow you want it, and reduce the drag on top of the water. It also helps regulate how much water stays on top of your ski. The less water, the better, and this ski will help you achieve just that.

It is made from polyurethane, making it durable and long-lasting. It also has a polished speed base to deliver faster rides.

  • Great contour for exceptional flex
  • RTP adjustable bindings
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Polished speed base
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for beginners

8. Radar Union Slalom Skis

Radar also makes a second appearance in this article because of its superior quality and construction, making it comfortable for different levels of riders to ski on.

Its exquisite design makes it a great choice for you. If you are looking for a different experience, try this Radar Union and see what you have missed.


It has a broad flat spot that guarantees the rider premium balance and comfortability. It allows you to make symmetrical turns and perform tricks while you are riding,

Its straight lines make it suitable for open waters, giving you a continuous flow and making your ride natural and exciting.


It has two types of bindings that allow the rider to pick which binding is most comfortable for them.

With the NFC enabled chip, the rider, through their smartphones, has access to information about their water ski at the tip of their fingers.

This durable ski is made from polyurethane and can be used by beginners and those who are relatively good on the ski.

  • NFC enabled chip to help you track your ski
  • Two types of bindings
  • Durable
  • Good for beginners
  • Very comfortable
  • Professionals may need something faster

9. Connelly Men's Aspect Water Ski

Another great Slalom ski from Connelly! They take extra care to make skis that are comfortable and practical for skiers.

This option is lightweight and is suitable for people who require slower skis. For a relaxed day on the water, you can consider getting this Connelly Aspect Slalom water ski.


This ski is made in the standard tunnel shape. It allows the ski to run deeper into the water and gives the skier more edge hold.  A standard tunnel will give the rider more stability and hold.

It has RTS bindings that come with a lace-up closure that ensures that the skier's feet are secure while on the ski.


It has 6 V-shaped fins that help reduce how much water stays on your skim. This allows little water to stay on, enabling you to accelerate faster.

The polished speed base allows you to get a smooth ride that makes you feel like you are gliding through the water on your ski.

This polyurethane ski is durable and suitable for new skiers.

  • It is durable
  • RTS binding with lace-up closure
  • Lightweight
  • Offers great stability
  • Polished speed base
  • Some skiers might require a faster ski

10. Connelly HP Slalom Water Skis

We are closing this review with another product from Connelly. This HP Slalom water ski has been designed to fit female skiers. Its designs and features are what a lady needs to enjoy a day out in the sun while water skiing.


This ski has a specially contoured body build that gives the rider a great flex. The length and width of the ski will make the skier comfortable and ensure a fun ride.

It also has a concave feature that runs through the ski center, giving the ski more edge and hold.

It comes with a swerve RTS bindings with lace-up closure that can be adjusted to fit the rider's feet and ensure the safety and stability of the rider.


It has aluminum drop through fins that allow for easy gliding and maneuvering while on the water. Its acrylam base will let you have a consistent and smooth ride every single time.

It is made from polyurethane and is suitable for use by all levels of female skiers.

  • RTS adjustable bindings
  • It is comfortable and offers great stability
  • All levels of skiers can use it
  • Lightweight
  • Gives smooth ride
  • Male riders may consider it uncomfortable

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Water Skis

Slalom Water Skis Features

Your Ski Level

When looking for the best slalom water ski, choose the one that matches your skill level. Slalom skis are considered the best for beginners, and they come in different types and fittings. However, the most important thing is going for a ski that helps you with where you are at skiing.

If you are a beginner, you should go for the less aggressive ski, as the aggressive ones may cause injury if you are unable to control it. Apart from injury, there could be cases of you unable to manage your movements.

Ski manufacturers have designed several skis to match all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced skier, all you have to do is check, cross-check, and confirm that the one you get meets your needs.


The material options of a water ski determine the performance of that particular ski. Water skis are originally made out of carbon fiber or a mixture of graphite and fiberglass. They are lightweight, strong, and durable.

Fiberglass, which is the most used water ski material, is strong, lightweight, and is durable. The polyurethane material used for water skis is usually injected with a high-density polyurethane foam into a heated mold, and it is found at the center of the ski.

This high-density foam is added to provide stiffness in different ski areas, which makes it more durable.

The last material to look out for is wood; a new addition used to make water skis. While looking out for water skis, check for those skis whose materials are either made from fiberglass, carbon fiber and those that have a little addition of wood and polyurethane. These materials provide the best durability and offer the best support when skiing.

Water Ski Types

  • Slalom skis can be gotten as a single ski with two bindings, with one behind the other. Its shape is considered the widest under the forward binding, while the ski tail is narrow. The narrow tail allows advanced skiers to decelerate as fast as possible when coming into a turn. It is ideal for skiers wanting a quick-turning ski for recreation or slalom courses.

  • Shaped skis, also known as mid-skis, are quite similar to Slalom skis as they can also be gotten as a single ski with two bindings. Shaped skis are wider than slalom skis, and they are more comfortable for stable rides.

    These shaped skis can be used at a slower speed and are recommended for teaching deep water starts as well as slalom course techniques.

  • Combo skis can be gotten as a pair with one ski set up with two bindings and the other with single binding. Everyone can use combo skis. Beginners can use both skis for easier starts as it provides more stability. As they become advanced, they can drop one.

    The Combos have adjustable bindings to fit different levels of skiers. They are available in narrow shapes similar to the Slalom skis and the wide shaped ski-types.

  • Youth skis or Junior skis are shorter for smaller, lightweight skiers. It is an entry-level ski, and it has a removable retainer-either a rope or bar-between the skis.

    This set-up makes it possible so that a child or a lightweight skier doesn't get dragged underwater during starts or in case of a fall. It also makes it easier and safer for children to learn to ski and helps them master the traditional skiing techniques.


Bindings in water skis are designed to hold your foot to the top of the ski. They are made from soft neoprene and are shaped to fit your foot perfectly while connecting you to the ski. By moving your weight from one foot to another or by twisting it, you control the direction of your skis.

Looking out for bindings in water skis is necessary because with the proper bindings, your foot is firmly in place, and the comfort makes you perfect your starts and turns.


Fins, just like the wood material, are another addition to water ski. They are shaped like the dorsal fin of a shark. That's why they are called fins.

Fins help to keep the ski from sliding sideways during turns and to keep it staying straight. They are mostly used to control the ski movement and can be found under the back end or by the tail of a water ski.

Water Skis FAQs

What Is The Best Boat Speed For Water Skiing?

You do not want to be going so fast that you get thrown off balance or too slow that the ride becomes boring and less fun.

Different speeds are suitable for various activities. Therefore, you can decide what speed is best for you and tell your boat driver how fast you would like to go.

For a recreational ride, 30mph is advised. However, you can go slower or faster according to your skills and capacity.

What Is The Difference Between Water Skiing And Wakeboarding?

The difference between waterskiing and wakeboarding has been a recurring question for ages. They are two different sports that can be done on the water.

Wakeboarding involves you using a wakeboard that looks like a large snowboard. You ride facing your side, just the way you would if you were snowboarding.

On the other hand, water skiing involves you riding on two separate skis or one ski with your feet facing forward while you are being tugged by a boat

Final Words

Having one of the best slalom water skis can make learning and becoming a professional more comfortable. Once you can find the best water ski for you, you can begin to enjoy this sport from the first day.

All the skis above are of excellent quality and can offer you a great skiing experience. However, our top pick from all these is the Obrien Relay Slalom Water Ski. This is because of its special designs and features.

It offers professional and advanced skiers stability and makes it easier for the rider to make turns and smooth maneuvers while on the water.

It gives a smooth and commendable finish, making you enjoy your ride even more. If you are looking for a fast yet comfortable and high-quality ski, we recommend that you try Obrien Relay Slalom Water Ski.

It's time to jump on a ski of your choice and begin to enjoy mind-blowing rides on the water.

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