How To Care For Your Watersports Gear

From the board to the swimsuits, it can be exhausting to clean your water sports gear after a long day at the beach.

It is understandable that after being in the water for so much time, all you want to do is get in the car and go home. However, efficiently taking care of your water sports gear prolongs their durability and effectiveness.

Here are some of the ways to take care of some popular water sports gear.


A lot of people involved in water sports use wetsuits to keep them dry while inside the water. It is an indispensable material used for many different water sports.

However, there is a huge dilemma when using this gear. This is because people often do not know how to take care of the west suit or clean it after use.

We all have done this once or several times; when you are in the water, there is a high tendency that you might want to go to the bathroom. So what is the alternative when you are surfing, and you need to go?

Some people end up peeing in their wetsuits. But imagine your wetsuit being filled with sweat and pee and being left alone for days and then picked up again to be used. It can create a foul smell and is borderline unhealthy for you.

Therefore, you should clean the wetsuit with fresh water and use your hands to scrub different parts of the suit after every use.

Please, avoid using the washing machine; the use of your hands will not take up to ten minutes. Turn the wetsuit inside out to get to the root of the sensitive areas and spread them.

While spreading, turn the suit to the outside part to dry outside after the inside has dried.

Storing the wetsuit is yet another dilemma, rather than dumping the wetsuit somewhere in your room. Use a hanger and keep it in an airy closet.


This is where the wakeboard covers come in handy. They are used to protect the wakeboard from sunlight. 

You should use fresh water to clean the wakeboard and shield it away from direct sunlight. You can also put the board under a shade to dry. This is because leaving it directly in the sun can gradually damage the board.

Another no-go area for taking care of the wakeboard is adding a lubricant on the bindings. Please do not do this.

If you need to add some form of lubricant, you should choose binding slime. You also need to be careful when locking the bindings and not turning the lock unless that is how the design is made.

Ropes And Handles

It would help if you cleaned your hands properly before using the ropes and handles for your safety.

Also, make sure you untie any knot in the ropes before storing. Clean the ropes and handles with fresh water and inspect them carefully before keeping them.

One sad thing is that people often forget to check the ropes and get back to using them without paying attention. Unfortunately, the rope might be giving way; it could be cutting, which could be detrimental.

You always want to get a quality rope that will last for a long time. The thought of the rope breaking while you are in action on the water is mind-boggling. Therefore, before you think of using them, look at the ropes' durability, handles, and all the other gear that you want to get.

Towable Tubes

Always clean the tubes with fresh water and store them in a cool place that you are sure rodents and other insects cannot access. For tubes, try not to overpump them, have a gauge and stick to the normal size.

Remember that you have to regularly check on the tubes to see if they are in perfect condition.

Paddle Boards

Keep the paddle boards away from direct sunlight and clean with fresh water. Avoid touching the SUP with chemicals like sunscreen and lubricants. 

Remember you want to keep it in peak condition, so you don't want to have water or other issues spoiling it.

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