10 Best Wakeboard Life Jackets & Vests (2021)

Best Wakeboard Life Jacket

Life jackets are an essential piece of equipment to wakeboarding and should not be put to the wayside. That is why you need to have the best wakeboard life jacket possible. There are quite a few life jacket options out on the market, depending on what type of riding that you are doing, where you are … Read more

Understanding The Different Types Of Wakeboards

Different Wakeboard Types

When purchasing a wakeboard, getting something suitable for your unique set of styles and tricks during riding is crucial. The number of options can be overwhelming with so many colors and brands available in the market. Worry not, this article will give you information on the different types of wakeboards by focusing on the rockers, fins, and … Read more

How To Repair A Chipped Wakeboard

Chipped Wakeboard Repair

It is a common problem faced by wakeboarders everywhere. You pull out your board to get ready for your next adventure and discover a chip in the surface material.  It shouldn’t be surprising. Most wakeboards are coated in a material that needs care and attention. So, what do you do now? Finding a chip or a … Read more

10 Best Wakeboard Boats (2021)

Best Wakeboard Boat

If you have been wakeboarding for a while, but are relying too often on your friends for the use of their boat, you might have finally decided it was time to make the big decision and buy one for yourself. But, it is a huge decision. Boats do not come cheaply and are a serious expense. Before … Read more

7 Easy Wakeboarding Tricks To Master

Wakeboarding Tricks

Learning new and easy wakeboarding tricks is more or less like progression in life. Humans are evolving creatures; we never stay static, and there is always a need to do more and improve our living standards. This need for constant growth often transcends to an enthusiast’s love for wakeboarding. Having spent some time learning the basics of … Read more

10 Best Wake Shapers (2021) – Wave Makers

Best Wake Shaper

If you are a wakesurf rider, you should consider using a wake shaper. When you begin your hunt, you might find that it is hard to determine what the best wake shaper on the market is. That is where we have come to help. Also known as wave makers, wake shapers will give you more consistent … Read more

10 Best Wakeboards (2021)

Best Wakeboard

Whether you are new to the sport of wakeboarding or have been riding for years, you will need to use the best wakeboard possible. Given that there are so many choices for wakeboards out on the market, it would be easy to be unsure about which is the right wakeboard for you. When choosing a wakeboard, you … Read more